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10 Sun room Extension Ideas No One Will Share With You

By on April 8, 2019
professional home additions in Washoe County NV

A sunroom is also called a sun patio, sun lounge, or sun parlor. It is that part of the home which is normally developed onto a premises’ side. This is a room which allows you to enjoy the surrounding views as you comfortably bath under the heavenly rays of the sun. The additional benefit of a sunroom is that it protects you from winds and rains.

For those of you with a sunroom in your homes, here are some suggestions offered by professional home additions in Washoe County NV to enhance the extension of your space.

  • Let the Light In

A radiant and inviting sunroom naturally excites you to give up on the world and have a soothing time laying on a sofa in the room. There’s this jungle-inspired sunroom which is the perfect three-season space that allows maximum light in from all angles into your room. You can use this space either as a formal dining room or you may as well make a second living area. A well-kept sunroom can easily become everybody’s favorite spot in the home.

  • Cover the Cozy-Space

If you have a small sized room, don’t fret. You can make good use of space with a little brainstorming of ideas. You may, for example, create unique nooks for evening cocktails with friends on empty inches. Using bamboo-made furniture will add a modern yet vintage feel to the room.

  • Shed-Turned Sunroom

With a little investment and a lot of creativity, you can turn that one useless shed in your home into a glowing sunroom. All you need doing is to replace sidings with screen panels and add a coat of fresh paint to it. Also, a few plants would do the wonder!

  • Black and White Sunroom

These two basic colors in nature can absolutely pack a punch! Not only such a room is reminiscent of a chic New York cafe, but it also provides a calm, airy place for unwinding. The look is enhanced by houseplants which are perfect for thriving in sunrooms as they receive a perfect amount of sunlight.

  • Going with the Flow

You can create a seamless flow in your sunroom if it feels like an extension of the living room. This will expand the space, making the house look bigger. The wide archway doors allow for the space to feel airy. The bamboo swing provides a perfect whimsical yet classy touch.

professional home additions in Washoe County NV

  • Outdoor Fireplace

Building a sunroom at the fireplace offers a brilliant standout feature. This keeps the room alive through the winters. The benefit of a sunroom fireplace is that it turns your room from three-season to a four-season space.

  • Outside Office

If you have a home-based job, you can always create an office sunroom for yourself. This is something that many professional construction companies suggest to people building their homes. At this pace, you can get everything you need to operate such as Wi-Fi, etc.

  • Sunny Play Area

If your children spend too much time inside, you can build them a sunroom playroom. This is both stylish as well as functional offering an amazing sunny spot for your kids to have a good time.

  • Hammock-Supported Sunroom

If you are ever to build your own house in Washoe County NV, a hammock is the best thing to have inside your sunroom. This is the kind of room which brings the best of both indoor and outdoor in a combination.

  • Porch Sunroom

With a little creativity, you can turn a porch into an extra room. This is despite the fact that a sunroom normally has windows or screens. You can decorate this space with a coffee table and loveseat with soft throw pillows.

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