rudraksha 13 mukhi

Rudraksha beads can be one faced or multi face which is that, it can vary from a single face rudraksha to a 21 faced rudraksha. The benefits and the positive energy of a bead depend and vary on how many faces the bead has. They have some different energies and one just cannot buy a rudraksha bead and wear it. Before buying rudraksha beads, it is a must to discuss with an astrologer on what type of rudraksha bead is suitable for an individual. If one buys a bead without consulting an astrologer, then the choice can be wrong and it can have adverse effects on an individual.

It is said that those who fail to fulfil their desires due to some unwanted negativities around them, this rudraksha 13 mukhi is beneficial for them. It keeps one on the winning side of emotions in most of the cases. This rudraksha pacifies all the negativities around and creates a positive energy circle around the wearer. It has the affliction of Venus and moon and thus spreads love around the person who wears it. It gives the power to attract. Thus the person, who wears it, easily becomes noticeable by the others.

The most important effect of this 13 mukhi rudraksha is the power to attract. The charisma, the desire and love are the major benefits that one gets by wearing this type of rudraksha. If you are unlucky in love, then go for it. Your love life will change for sure. The charm and magnetism knows no bound when one wears it. Those who love to meditate it bring inner peace in them. This rudrakasha helps them to calm their mind and remove the negativities around.

But 13 mukhi rudraksha is not for everyone. So it is not a good idea to buy and wear it just like that. One has to consult an experience astrologer before wearing this. The astrologer will study the birth chart of an individual and then they will advise whether this rudraksha is suitable for one to wear. Otherwise, it can also bring negative effects to the wearer. And any kind of negative effects on someone is not appreciated so it is better to be very sure before wearing it.

Rudraksha beads are worn by an individual to remove all the negative aspects in their life. It is used as a protection shield, so that there can be no negative harms on an individual wearing this bead. Many years ago the saints used to carry a rudraksha bead or a rudraksha mala along with them. This used to save them from all the negative forces around as they used to move from one place to another very frequently. To be very honest, they used those beads as a protector.

But at present these beads are worn to bring positive changes in life and to help one to walk in the path of success. 13 mukhi rudraksha fits someone while other varieties of rudraksha fit others. This totally depends on an individual’s star positions.

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