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15 Procedures to Lower Your Car Insurance By Questioning Like An Insurance Agent

By on April 4, 2019
Car Insurance

When you drive a four-wheeler, maintaining it is expensive, but if you’re smart and resourceful, you can reduce these expenses while investing in beneficial car insurance.

Driving a car can be expensive. Apart from the obvious price of the car, most of the expenses are aimed towards maintaining it so that it is always in prime condition. Car insurance, regular check-ups, cleaning, inspection of whether the car is suitable for the environment or not, are just some of the expenses a car owner needs to invest in. Among all these, the most a person spends behind a car has definitely got to be the insurance.. Although there are a few tips which can be used which will effectively reduce your insurance cost by a lot.

  1. Own your car: Paying insurance for a leased out car and paying insurance for a car that you own has a big difference, as, on one side it is the lease money and insurance money you’re required to pay and on the other side just the insurance money.
  2. Comprehensive Insurance: Liability only covers only the damages you do to other cars and life, and comprehensive covers everything: so invest in what benefits you long-term.
  3. Minimum Coverage: Always opt for the minimum coverage your city allows because anything else might be not a good option.
  4. Drive less: Insurance companies will charge you more if they see that you drive a lot. That is because the risk an accident increases linearly to your driving miles. So walk to your nearby grocery shop!
  5. Credit score: The better your credit score, the cheaper policies you will get. So check for your credit score and if they are good enough reapply for your insurance.
  6. Citations: If there are any citations in your record, third party car insurance people will not give you any insurance. So sort it out before you apply!
  7. Defensive Driving class: Having done a defensive driving class not only makes you a better drive but at the same time increases your reputation in the eyes of the insurance people. They love a man who drives safely and also has done a class for it.
  8. Annual Change: Insurance agencies come up with attractive plans all the time, which could be better than yours at the same price. So keep fishing and changing every year for better 4 wheeler insurance policy!
  9. Pre-pay: Pre-paying for at least 6 months improves your credit score and also you will attract more attention from them as their star customer. Avail such benefits relating to four wheeler insurance.
  10. Discount: There are a lot of discounts available, from going cashless to being of a certain age. Do check and apply for all eligible ones.
  11. Marriage: Married couples have a higher rate of settling down and driving like responsible adults. Hence insurance companies and most importantly online car insurance companies allow discounts and better offers for responsible drivers.
  12. Age: If you are 25 and below, statistically you are supposed to be a very irresponsible driver, and this may affect your credibility. This goes for 4 wheeler insurance policy companies as well.
  13. Rural area: If you live in a rural area, you are less likely to be involved in an accident hence the companies award more discounts and less insurance cost.
  14. Own Home: If you own a home, it shows that you are a settled well-responsible adult and will fetch you easier claims and also cheaper insurance policies.
  15. No Previous Loans: If you don’t have pending loans, it reflects a better credit score and makes you eligible for a car loan and less insurance cost.

As you can see everybody who owns a car, should own a car insurance policy. The trick lies in being smart and crafty and to think like an insurance agent.

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