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3 Really Impactful WordPress Support Plugins For Google Analytics Dashboard

By on May 21, 2018
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One thing that you must do for uplifting the growth of your business is to track the numbers because numbers never lie and tell you the raw & absolutely honest truth. When we talk about the best WP Support Plugins in terms of analysing a wordpress site for numbers & stats, there are a few wordpress plugins that really stand out among a big mob of available WP Support Plugins on the web.

In terms of a business’ online presence, it’s comes down to Google Analytics for sure, which basically means regular analysis of what your wordpress site is up to on Google Analytics. However, it’s not that easy to perform effective & practically productive analysis on Google need to know what you are actually seeking for, and what all factors really affects your performance as a business in context of strategic analysis on Google Analytics.

Further, you should be able to set precise configurations on the said platform in order to perform effective analysis on your wordpress business site. Such configurations include precise settings for factors such as date range, demographics settings, age range, focus countries, target audience, comparison sets, etc.

One can find WordPress’ own analytics system available on the said platform which they can tap into to analyse their wordpress site by installing the Jetpack plugin. But, if you are looking for seriously evaluating your site as per Google, you will have to visit Google Analytics dashboard that will allow you access to deeper insights from Google. And eventually, you will need to install a Google Analytics Dashboard plugin that will serve you as a great WordPress Support Plugin help.

It’s time to take a look at some of the high-quality WordPress Plugins that would allow you to integrate Google Analytics into your own site as well as with your dashboard.

Let’s Check Out the Advantages Related To The Use of WordPress Google Analytics Dashboard

A wordpress site is not something that could once set up, and then forget it completely. In order to make optimum use of WordPress Google Analytics while working on your digital marketing strategy, one has to keep a constant eye on how visitors are making use of their wordpress site and their navigating behaviour. This will provide you with useful insights for how to make optimum use of the said tool.

Here is a list of a few collaterals in Google Analytics you must make a precise use of:

  • Bounce Rate.
  • No. of pageviews.
  • Average session duration.
  • Device Type.
  • Geographic origin.
  • E-commerce data points.
  • Visitor Behaviour Analysis.
  • Traffic Source.
  • Demographics.

As one can clearly see that there is a lot of possibility here to get confused or intimated, if you consider these many factors to be taken care of. This is why you need to have an effective WordPress Support Plugin in place so as to optimize your wordpress site exploiting Google to its optimum.

Best WordPress Support Plugins For Creating the Perfect Google Analytics Dashboard

#1. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Plugin

It is one of the most effective and highly rated WordPress Analytics dashboard plugins. This WordPress Support plugin provides for an awesome user experience for both, you and your client.

Here is the much-needed information about this WordPress support plugin that you need to know at this very point in time:

  • Analytics results reflect on the home page itself on your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Free to use.
  • Absolute ease in toggling among the various data configurations within the widget.
  • Once you have completely installed the said plugin, you can further add the widget to the Analytics Dashboard.
  • Simple settings available with the plugin that allows one to decide make person-specific changes in terms of allowing or disallowing people to see the analytics dashboard widget.

#2. Google Analytics For WordPress by MonsterInsights

Another such WordPress plugin that is highly trusted for analytics part is this one from MonsterInsights. Because of it being a freemium plugin, one can expect more data to be made available to him as he will pay to play. However, the free version is also equally impressive in terms of results one could retrieve.

Here a few facts about this WordPress Support Plugin that you must know about:

  • A free version of this plugin is available for you to make use of. A premium version also exists that you should definitely think of trying once.
  • The user interface of this plugin is really beautiful to look at, as it features a few subtle animations to make a person engaged to his site statistics and the related data.
  • Even the free version of this plugin from MonsterInsights reflects data that is incredibly useful for clients. More specifically, clients would be able to check the top URLs, no. of pageviews, and the names of critically useful referral websites.
  • The said WordPress Support Plugin premium version provides you with a few really critical additional insights. These additional insights include things like you are given the access to check what’s happening with your AMP content, ecommerce products, AdSense ads. & FB Content.

#3. Google Analytics WD

This specific plugin from Web Dorado is another great marvel in terms of choice for a WordPress Analytics Plugin. Further, if you want more control over your data display from within the WordPress,or  want to have access to comprehensive analytics, this plugin is definitely made for you.

Here is the much crucial information about this WordPress Google Analytics Plugin that you must be knowing by now:

  • There are both free & premium versions of this plugin available to you. However, what is special about the premium version is that it offers you with access to more reports as well as customization in the said reports (more specifically for tracking e-commerce goals).
  • A high-level overview of your analytics is available on the main WordPress dashboard widgets.
  • Analytics could be based upon use of only one variable or two, it basically depends on what exactly you are seeking to track. It allows you to make custom settings for how you would like to see your data, i.e. in the form of line charts, pie charts, or the standard column charts.

Why Tracking Numbers Is This Important

Websites should be treated like children. You need to pay close and constant attention to what’s happening with your site and how is it behaving. Without this requisite mindfulness on your part, you will never be able to track about what exactly is happening to your site & what to do so as to resolve the site issues.

Constant Site Analysis hence plays a crucial role in strategic planning for your business growth. And, installing a WordPress Google Analytics Plugin as a WordPress Plugin Support will further multiply your chance to succeed as an online business.

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