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5 reasons behind the success of online tuition

By on September 13, 2019
IB Tutor Singapore

Online learning is currently booming in the world of education. It’s also one of the most cost-effective ways of learning. Almost every student is now turning to virtual learning courses as they are finding better solutions and guidance through these courses. 

If you are a student and struggling to understand any particular subject then you can take the help of IB Diploma tuition. You will be able to ask your doubts 100 times if it’s not cleared to you. 

What are the reasons behind its popularity?

It’s more effective than the traditional approach

The online courses are designed in a way that these can engage the students until the session ends. Most of the courses use multimedia content to make the content interesting. In traditional ways, the teacher overpowers the students but in the virtual platform, everyone can participate and share their feedback. Even you can have more control over your learning. 

It has the capability to retain students

With the rise in technology, offline courses are now struggling with student retention. Students are now more comfortable with their laptop, smartphones, and tablets. So, they prefer learning from online platform rather than traveling to institute and learn offline.

Time management

While in an offline course, students have to travel all the way to the institute after spending money on transport. So, it’s not effective and wastes a lot of time. Being a student, it’s important to utilize the time in a proper way. That’s the reason behind students are putting off to enroll in an offline course. E-learning provides the option for students to manage their time on their own.

IB Tutor Singapore

Regular tests to increase the efficiency 

In most of the online platform, after each class, there’s a short test to test your learning. You can evaluate your learning process and improve it every single day. Even there are researches to show that short tests are more efficient to keep up the student’s attention. These short tests also help to keep track of the student’s progression.

Environmental friendly

Using public transport leads to polluting the environment. But, sitting at home and learning from online resources does no harm to the environment. So, basically you are saving the environment from being polluted. 


ib tutor Singapore can help you with your study. They have professional teachers who will not only teach you but guide you at the same time. A student can’t explore his or her true potential unless he or she is motivated to do stretch his capability. Virtual teachers will not only provide knowledge but also mentor you to explore your potential. It has an added advantage that you can learn while you are surrounded by the comfortable environment.

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