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7 most essential gardening tools that gardener must need

By on March 17, 2018
essential gardening tools

Having a garden at home is a real pleasure. It is an ideal space to express your tastes and hobbies. Enjoying your time in it can become your favorite hobby, and sharing it with your family can make it your favorite place.

Here I want to show you that what are the essential tools which you don’t have to missed and you should keep them in your toolbox so that you can take a proper care of the garden.

7 basic tools

  • Shovel: the fundamental pillar in your garden. This serves to dig the earth and prepare it to be planted. The round shovel helps you to dig at the exact point you want to work on, but if you want to pick up or dig a lot of dirt, you better use the square tip shovel. In addition, for very specific works in a specific plant or to plant, the palette is your best ally.
  • Rake: apart from being the broom in your garden, it helps you to collect all the dry leaves and the remains of the garden. This tool is important to be able to level and distribute the land. Their “teeth” also allow you to define the slots in which you will place the seeds.
  • Hoe: although it responds to different names depending on its size, the hoe is one of the prehistoric objects that is preserved in our gardens. It serves to remove weeds, and it is also a good tool to remove the earth in the spaces that you want.
  • Pruning shears: these scissors help us to prune those branches or leaves that grow in excess and we have plenty of our trees, shrubs and garden plants. They are also a good support for the hoe because they are also used to eliminate weeds that are found in more delicate areas (very close to the root of a plant, for example).
  • Gloves: your hands are the main protagonists in your days of gardening. That is why there is nothing as obvious as the need to take care of them. There are special gloves for gardening of many materials and models, but those that give more protection to your hands are of leather. We recommend that you have more than one type because for simpler tasks you can use cotton or latex gloves (more comfortable).
  • Wheelbarrow or Garden Cart: wheelbarrow comes in different sizes and you can also purchase this thing on the online stores so that it can be easier for you to have proper gardening in it and you may also select this thing according to garden size which you may pretend to have in Garden Ever. If you want to carry soil, shifting cement from one place to other or you want to move the plant so in this case, the wheelbarrow is very much handy.
  • On the other hand, we also have the hose and the shower. If you want to keep your garden alive, it is obvious that you will have to hydrate it. It is essential that you have at least one watering can water your plants, and depending on the size and characteristics of your garden, a hose will be very practical for you.

7 most essential gardening tools that gardener must need

How to take care of them

Apart from having these tools at your fingertips so that you can take care of your garden, you should know that keeping them in good condition does not cost as much and it is necessary if you want them to have a useful life for a long time.

Once you have used a tool, it is best to clean it, removing any waste that may have after use (land, plants, organic waste, etc.). The most important thing is that they remain dry because if you keep them dry they will rust and the parts that are made of wood will rot.

From our experience in gardening we warned you that you should clean those tools that have been in contact with chemicals because if you do not clean it correctly, they corrode the metal quickly.

The plastic tools, (like the hose, for example) do not forget to keep them out of direct contact with the sun as much as you can, and protect them in winter (you can cover them with a plastic). That will make the plastic not break down so fast, and keep the tools in good condition.

In short, having the basic tools for your garden and know how to maintain them does not have any difficulty. You just have to be clear about its use, and dedicate a little time to your garden to make it the most special place in your home.


Author Bio: Susan Daigle is a professional writer and she has shared her experience for gardening and she has also added her contribution in the face of articles for the betterment of gardening and she is looking forward in it.

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