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A millenary sport for the 21st century with Muay Thai course

By on August 23, 2019
Muay Thai course

Tradition and history are part of the culture of every country in the Eastern and Western world, but in most cases, traditional practices are reserved for special days and cultural places. That’s not the case of Muay Thai, a discipline with a long history in Thailand that has prevailed in today’s society and spread throughout the world instead of being reserved for cultural places and special occasions. When you see the fantastic history of Muay Thai and how it became a national sport in Thailand, you realize how important it is for its people. But not only for them.

There’s a worldwide trend in the fitness industry to include functional training as an important part of your weight loss strategies. They have also included martial arts, and make a particular emphasis in Muay Thai, even more than other popular disciplines such as karate, which is mainly taught in martial arts academies and not gyms. Why is the world of exercise so interested in Muay Thai? Because it is a sport that combines so many movements and types of exercises that it turns out to be one of the most complete disciplines if you want to tone your body, look radiant, maintain your health, and be more confident.

A common goal among many fitness enthusiasts is weight loss. That is because we live in a world that appears to be exceptionally crafted to make us overweight and obese. Everywhere we turn our looks there is a tempting sweet or fatty food, and not all of us can handle the pressure. However, if you want to achieve a good state of health, it is better to have a healthy diet and lifestyle, which includes physical activity.

The reason why many people turn to Muay Thai as the best place to get rid of their extra pounds is that, different than cardio and other boring methods, Muay Thai is a social activity you will enjoy with everyone else around you in each class. It is appropriate for kids and women, and it is not focused on violence but grounding your mind, training your reflexes, and making you stronger than ever.

Different from other martial arts, Muay Thai combines anaerobic exercises with aerobic training and helps you speed up your metabolism and promote weight-loss on the short and the long term. This feature reduces the risk of a rebound effect and gives you the ultimate key to achieve better health.

If you’re interested in Muay Thai, you can learn this discipline pretty much everywhere. But doing so will never be compared to learning in Muay Thai by the hands of a skilled Thai master. In Thailand, there are countless training camps, especially thought to bring Muay Thai to a variety of people from all over the world. Scorpion Muay Thai  is a good Muay Thai course. There are no distinctions, and you can schedule your appointment to learn a discipline that will make a difference in your body and mind.

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