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All you need to know about ADA signs

By on October 30, 2018
ADA sign designer

When you start a business, your main goal should be to make it accessible to all types of customers. You cannot just think about the normal group of people as your target audience, otherwise, you will be missing out on a large number of people from the population and your business will not be able to grow. You should not neglect the necessities of the disabled people. For this reason, the American Disabilities Act was made. This act provides all the necessary information that is required concerning the issue. This is actually a federal law that makes sure that disabled people can also enjoy the day to day activities like dining out, watch a movie, go shopping or have access to building to carry out a business of their own.

The ADA has made it mandatory for all businesses to provide reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. These accommodations mostly include things like providing access to the different parts of a building and restroom facilities. It is also mandatory for these businesses to put up an ADA- compliant business sign. An ADA sign designer should be hired so that your business can put up an appropriate ADA sign.

ADA sign designer


The ADA sign must feature high contrast and tactile letters which can be easily read by the people. Some signs also feature Braille lettering for blind people. There are many people in the world who suffer from visual disabilities and they need help to guide themselves through the different parts of a building. Thus these ADA-compliant signs help a lot of visually impaired people carry out their business on their own. The ADA signs also allow senior citizens to guide their way around a place with the help of the signs. Now, these disabled people and senior citizens don’t need to rely on others to do their works for them.

Guidelines and requirements

The ADA guidelines can seem a bit tricky for the business owners at first. The signs which are going to be there for any kind of purpose for a week or less in the building don’t need to be ADA-compliant. But all the permanent room, as well as the signs that are included in them, need to be so. These rooms include the restrooms, stairwell signs as well as the vending areas.

The business owners after getting the proper signs also need to ensure that they are installed appropriately in the correct places. ADA sign experts know that the tactile copy of the sign needs to be mounted between 48 inches at the lowest point and 60 inches at the highest point. The signs which have to installed next to doors should be mounted to the wall which is closest to the latch side in case of single doors and for double doors, it must be to the right of a right-handed door.


The ADA-compliant signs that you get for your business don’t necessarily need to be boring. You can install proper signs with the help of a signage company that can help maintain the consistency with the other signs you have.

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