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By on August 24, 2019

We generally come across hundreds of advertising messages every day. Everything people purchase either for wearing, eating or using is pushed through advertising . Whether it is about the food item at the departmental store or a pen to write a project or it is a fertilizer or pesticide a farmer chooses to put on the crops he grows, each item is being advertised. Advertising is an impersonal form of communication which is paid for by the marketers (sponsors ) to promote some goods or services. The most common mediums include newspapers, magazines, television, radio, online sites etc.

 From the colours the producer choose for producing a product to million dollar expenses of television, everything is influenced through advertisements. More often the people notice an advertisement , the stronger is the correlation of a product becomes for the brain, which further affects the buying behaviour of the people. Word of mouth is one of the more effective strategies of promoting a product or service. Advertisers use efficacious language to influence the target customer by making them feel the urge to experience the product or service.

 Also there are some advertisement expenses linked with the advertisement. For example, When a consumer buys a cosmetic product for Rs200 , they pay Rs40 towards the advertising expenses. In case of brands, the percentage of paying towards the advertising may be towering. Sometimes a good considerable number of goods lose their value without advertisement and sometimes the goods advertised prove fatal worth the price they are paid for, which proves to be  a polished way of cheating on innocent people. But as we move further, the trend scenario today has changed. The popularization of TELEVISION COMMERCIALS ONLINE has taken a peak as compared to those being advertised through other mediums, which eventually has taken a setback.

 Online advertising proves to be a great investment for a particular company as it is one of the most effective way of reaching people out in any corner of the world. Most of the businesses prioritise online advertising over normal advertising because of the high costs of billboards, banners, flyers, brochures, commercial advertisements on television etc. One of the most important benefit through online advertisement is tying up the artwork and marketing in one go whereas on the other hand television advertising is a big production whose costs can be prohibitive and frequency being essential plus changes being costly and difficult to be made. Most of the people today are more addicted to online applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Which though are higher running and gaining margins.

So it’s, rightly said , ‘Fishing where the fish are got better’ a phrase which sets right! If we talk about COMMERCIAL FILM PRODUCTION  it is also making a remarkable impact in the hearts of people. Many digital film  production companies such as Mark Parrott Film LLC, Global Star Productions Hungary Man Productions, RAVE FILMS etc. Have a proven track record of delivering the cutting edge work across the globe. Therefore, at the end what matters the most is customer satisfaction. Customer being the king of the market has the power to influence the hike or drive the product or service.

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