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Know how to time your contractions prior to delivery

By on December 13, 2018
contraction timer

Timing is a very important thing when it comes to contractions. Most of the mothers stay ready with the stopwatch or the contraction timer app in order to keep track of contractions as the body works to help the baby arrive. But if one does not time them correctly, one may end up spending additional time in the hospital prior to the birth, instead of relaxing at home or one might cut it close and get to the hospital or birthing center just in the scratch of time. Thus, it is of utmost importance to prepare a proper contraction schedule in advance.

When to start with baby contraction timer?

A would-be mother should time from the start of one contraction to the start of the next contraction. This indicates how far apart your contractions are coming. Usually, the early contractions are pre-labor kind of substance and may last 20 to 30 seconds. But when they start lasting closer to a minute, and they are consistently about four minutes at a distance, and they are consistently that way for an hour that is when would be a mother is in labor.

contraction timer

In case the would be the mother is in labor, the contractions will last for about a minute each. But while the timing of it is important, so is the power. The most significant part is the energy of the contraction, not just the timing of it. The doctor or the caregiver needs to pay attention to the length of it, but they also need to also pay attention to whether the energy is increasing for each one. The universal advice is to wait until the contractions have been five minutes at a distance for an hour prior to making way to the hospital. But it is vital to consult with the health-care provider to figure out what works best for the would-be mother.


Let the doctor know in case the labor contractions seem wrong. If one cannot time the gap between contractions as there is no gap, it is time to call the doctor. If it is a constant pain, instead of a pattern of coming and going, that could indicate a problem. If that is the case, do not hold up in calling the doctor.

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A better and more accurate way is to use a smart contraction tracker that are available in the market as they help to automatically track, time and count contractions by monitoring the uterine muscle activity as it contracts. It does all the contraction timing for would be mother monitoring the start of each contraction, the end of each contraction, displaying the contraction pattern, and calculating the stats.

The time is no doubt the main thing that separates false labor from real labor. It is important to keep in mind that in true labor, contractions get stronger, longer and closer together with time. You can consult with the caregiver or your gynecologist to know more about this.

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