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What can one expect from a Hip Replacement surgery?

By on February 24, 2018
Hip Replacement surgery

Hip replacement surgery is a medical procedure wherein the surgeon replaces the damaged hip joint with an artificial joint. This artificial component is made up for plastic and metal. Generally, when everything else fails, people resort to the hip replacement surgery wherein they expect that their painful hip joint would get relief and their movements would become easier.

What exactly happens during the surgical procedure?

The top hip replacement hospital in India performs this surgery traditionally or by using the minimally invasive technique. The only difference between these is the size of the cut put on the body. General Anesthesia is given to the patients which is like a deep sleep but of course temporary and also for the reason to get their muscles relaxed. This is done so that the patients do not feel any kind of pain during the entire procedure. At times, spinal anesthesia is also given as an alternative. The surgeon then makes an incision along the hip’s side and then moves the muscles so that the hip joint could be seen. The Ball like portion of the joint is then removed and artificial joint attached to the hip bone.

The smaller incisions are considered better as they don’t lead to much of a blood loss, the hospital stay is also shortened and healed is quick. It is also considered to have an expert surgeon to perform this procedure as not all the surgeons can perform such a complicated surgery with the minimally invasive technique.

What activities needs to be avoided after the surgery?

The body needs anywhere between 6-12 months for a complete recovery post the surgery. Therefore one must be careful with the things. Squatting or bending forward must be completely avoided. Any kind of twists and turns and pivoting of the leg must be avoided too. In case you are not following the instructions as given by the doctor, you may end up dislocating the device and then that may require further surgery.The new replacement joint from the Top hip replacement hospital in India definitely makes the person mobile but then still it must be made sure that the heavy activities and games also should be avoided. This new joint is only designed for usual routine day to day activities.

What changes can you bring about in your home after the surgery?

  • Try and minimize climbing stairs and walking too much initially. Make such arrangements that you only need to climb the stairs once or twice a day.
  • Do not use recliners to sit and always sit straight in the firm and straight chairs.
  • Keep the floors clutter free to avoid the falls and crashes.
  • Avoid bending far at the hips and for that use a raised toilet seat.
  • Try to keep the over enthusiastic kids and pets away for a while.
  • Also keep in touch with your doctor before resuming driving and exercise.

Is the replacement surgery safe?

While this surgery is being performed for over years now, it is improved and also becoming safer day by day. But with any surgery, risks are involved so surely get in touch with your doctor to know about the potential concerns and risk areas before getting the surgery done.

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