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How To Choose Natural Stone Based On Application And Appearance

By on March 8, 2018
Natural Stone

Choice of the correct material for flooring is an essential choice that you need to make amid development or redesign of your home or office. A lot of ventures is included so the correct choice should be taken considering factors like beginning speculation, a life of the flooring material, monkish life, plan and so forth. Natural stone has numerous auxiliary and ornamental uses inside a home or assembling and the application of the stone will help figure out which natural stone is best to utilize.

Each delightful natural stones that come in numerous great hues, designs, and veining yet they are most appropriate for various purposes. This guide will enable you to pick amongst marble and granite stone for various applications in your home.

Picking Natural Stone Based On Application

Natural stone can be utilized for a wide range of applications inside and outside a home including flooring, countertops, inside dividers, tub encompasses, and outside pavers. The application will to a great extent decide if it is best to utilize marble or granite since they are not equivalent in quality or sturdiness.


Marble is shaped by a warmth and weight transformation in temperatures surpassing 1800˚ F and it comprises to a great extent of limestone. It has been utilized to assemble statues and structures. Since antiquated circumstances and it is extremely tough when utilized for applications with light direct contact. For example, marble flooring, dividers, or tub encompasses. Marble isn’t a decent decision for countertops on the grounds that the delicateness of the stone makes it simple to scratch and the minerals in marble countertops are receptive to acids in vinegar and citrus which causes recolours at first glance.


Granite is a volcanic rock that structures naturally under exceptional warmth and weight that melts minerals. For example, quartz, mica, and feldspar into one granite stone. This combining of minerals makes granite one of the most grounded and most sturdy natural stones accessible. It is appropriate for pretty much any home application including flooring, dividers, and outside pavers. Granite is the best decision for kitchen countertops since granite countertops are scratch, warmth, and stain safe. The minerals don’t respond as firmly to acids found in citrus, bottles of vinegar, and cleaning items. Granite is additionally low upkeep and a standout amongst the most reasonable natural stones accessible.

Picking Natural Stone Based On Appearance

When you have chosen which natural stone to use for your application. The subsequent stage is to pick a shading or example that works with the application or encompassing stylistic layout.


Unadulterated marbles contain calcite or dolomite which gives the marble. Its white shading and the nearness of outside minerals can cause a variation in the whiteness and examples. Marble has a rich look to it that numerous natural stones. It can be done with cleaned, sharpened, or brushed completions for a formal or easygoing look. Numerous mortgage holders may pick marble for specific applications in view of its natural excellence.


It is considerably more adaptable than marble similarly as accessible hues and examples in the light. The extensive variety of minerals that shape the stone. Granite sections can be found in an assortment of hues. For example, whites, reds, blues, dull tans, greens, greys, and brilliant tones and the examples and veining can fluctuate generally from stone to stone. Picking granite for natural stone applications will give you numerous more style and shading alternatives than other natural stones.

On the off chance that you are attempting to settle on a natural stone for countertops, flooring, or some other home application. The application to choose a stone before choosing a shading. Marble stone has an exquisite style and it is strong in light rush hour gridlock applications. Granite stone is one of the most grounded natural stones accessible. It works in any family unit application with an assortment of hues and styles accessible.

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