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Whether your vehicle is befitted with a premium-quality brand tyre or a used spare, it’s likely to go flat unexpectedly due to many different reasons. A flat tyre isn’t anything you’d want for it may leave you stranded on a road or worse, in a troubled neighbourhood.

A flat occurs when tyre eventually loses its air and with it the ability to support vehicle’s weight and resilience. Unless yours is a special kind of tyre known as “run-flat”, sidewalls are likely to be weak and unsupportive to the weight even if fraction of air pressure drops.

Any new or old tyre is vulnerable to go flat if it’s punctured. A premium brand tyre has thick and sturdier treads hence more resistant to punctures than thinner beads and worn wheels. Still, deeper treads on new tyres can channel sharp objects thereby increasing the likelihood of puncture.

Don’t drive with a flat

If someone kept on driving with a flat, it’s likely to ruin the tyre quicker as well as increase the chances of accidents. Without any air support in the tube, the sidewalls are pinched between edges of the wheel rim and the road. Covering even shortest possible distance in such conditions is enough to destroy the tyre, eventually damaging the wheel as well.

Causes of flat

  • Permeable valve stems

There’s a possibility of cracks in the rubber stem, a rundown seal between the when and valve due to corrosion or perhaps internal air leak because of a loose, faulty or jammed valve. Always ensure the valve stem is capped so as to keep the dirt and debris clear as well as prevent air from escaping unnoticeably.

  • Punctures through sharp objects

Glass shards, screws, steel wire, nails, pointy rocks and other sharp debris on the road cause puncture. Try your best not to run or drive over the road debris which at times is difficult or simply impossible but it’s all about being careful. Flat caused by road debris may be repaired, patched and plugged however, deeper punctures may require changing the tyre for damage is beyond repair.

  • Bead leaks

This particular cause of flat is due to corrosion or rust on the wheel however can be caused by a twisted rim after hitting a pothole or curb. Air leak in this situation is caused by damage to the bead sealing surface on the tyre with possibility of tyre mishandling at the time of mounting it to the rim. Such leak requires dismounting the brand tyre, cleaning of the rim and bead surface of the tyre. In case the rim is bent or experience damage, the only solution is replacement.

Experiencing a flat while driving

  • If you have a flat tyre while driving, slow down and pull over to the side without blocking the road and whatever you do, don’t stop in the middle of the track especially if it’s a busy highway.
  • Turn ON the hazard flashers so that others may notice without unwillingly bumping into the vehicle and lend a helping hand instead.
  • Call emergency service or tow the vehicle to the nearest repairs garage.


The details above would help you avoid flat as well as keep a premium brand tyre safe in the long run.

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