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Create Business Advantage with Bare Shell Offices

By on May 11, 2018
bare shell office space

When businesses look for office space, they seek two things in them. One is that they have a prime location in the developing part of the town and that they provide good amenities and facilities. These amenities refer to things like printing services, delivery services, secretarial services, and all those things that an office would like to have but may not always have.

Different needs of businesses

When a business rents out its space, it may not get the furniture it wants. This means that they would like their executives to have a specific type of workstation and chair. The offices that provide furnished office may not give them what they need. So, the businesses look for semi-furnished offices that do not provide the chairs but give everything else. The business owner will provide the chairs and the workstations.

In the same way, there are many businesses that want to do the entire interiors on their own. All they need is the space in a good locality, a business region with good connections to the business community. They will do up the interiors and put up their company logos in the way that projects their product in the best possible light.

Advantages of the bare shell office

bare shell office space

For this, they choose a bare shell office. This is the space they need and there is no interior work done. The plastering and the painting remain undone. The business owner can do it in the company colors. The moment a client steps into the office he or she knows and becomes one with the product. This is very helpful for businesses as it creates a positive impact on the client. It sells the product even without saying a word.

So, what does the owner get from the bare shell office? Here is a look at the things he wants and gets:

  • Plenty of space in the prime locality
  • No interference in the interior work – he does anything he wants with it
  • The cost is low because the interiors are not finished
  • Good space for creative work and innovation

The freedom that comes with this kind of office helps the businessman keep his business and product or service unique. He shows something that no one else has shown before and this promotes the brand image.

Extra support from the service providers

Getting the bare shell office space in the prime location and doing up the office interior in the way they want may not always be enough. At times, the business may want additional services like secretarial services or workstations that they do not want to invest in from their side. The business needs it to operate and so the office space provider must give them support by providing these services. At times, it may be the cafeteria services or the coffee vending machine that they want.

Office service providers thus have more responsibilities and need to fulfill them to keep the businesses that rent the office space happy. The office space provider will take care of the electricity and water supply in most cases. They will provide the stationery and there will be enough sockets to plug in the appliances needed to do the work.

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