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Creating an Eye-Catching Digital Menu Board for Your Restaurant

By on August 2, 2018
Digital Menu Board

Human beings are visual and mostly gravitate towards what they find to be attractive. It seems like the restaurant culture is moving away from print menus to digital for this very reason. Competition is high in this sector and the restaurants that do well are those that have an edge over their peers.

Think about it: If you have a restaurant and someone else has one across the street with more patronage than yours, you will want to know why. The secret is usually in something extra that they are doing. You want to level with them and then go a level higher.

So, you have a restaurant menu board and you are wondering whether you sunk your savings with that idea. Not necessarily. If it is not the first thing that catches your eye when you stroll into your restaurant, then right there is the problem.

So, pimp it up!

You have got to make it pop only in the most positive manner, of course. How you ask? By making it attractive! It must catch the eye and appeal to all the senses. Anyone that walks through the doors of your restaurant must be immediately drawn to it. Splashes of color, interesting fonts and images or photographs can give your digital menu board a new lease of life.

  • Position!

Where have you placed your menu board? If your clients have to be directed where to look, then you menu board needs to be improved. Figure out where your customers look first when they get into your establishment, and then place it there. That is your hot spot.

Whenever you visit a boutique, you realize that the best looking items are placed in such a way that your eye is immediately drawn to them. Not only that, you find yourself walking over to feel it, and you might even ask to try it on. If it fits and brings out your best features, you might end up with an impulse buy.

That is the way it should be with your menu board. The customer will want to look at it…not just give it a cursory glance then growl out an order.

  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

If you were a customer in your restaurant, what would appeal to you? Think about what they order first. In other words, what dishes are the favorites? There is always that meal that most customers love the most. It is the one that takes pride of place. In fact, your restaurant is known for that one meal. The pizza place or that cheeseburger place; then organize your menu board accordingly. Have a sort of a hierarchy so that your customer immediately sees their favorite.

In addition, Think about what is missing on the menu that you would like added. You could even carry out a subtle survey, or even an open one, and ask your regulars what they would love to find on the menu. Then, of course, add it.

  • Branding!

Branding is not just about the logo or image that is on your customized stationery and hand towels. It goes beyond that. It must extend to your digital menu board.

Brand your digital menu board and make sure it is visible. Keep it simple though. You do not want it to be said that you are trying too much. That is never a compliment.

You could do something as simple as having the name of your restaurant run across the screen at intervals. You might also want to include a short advert, animated maybe, resplendent in your business colors. Let your customers have the name of your establishment on their mind as they leave. They will be sure to repeat it somewhere.

  • Measure your achievements and let your customers share in them

Whatever achievements your restaurant makes – increased patronage, increased sales, awards, or even customer satisfaction – put it up there. Let your customers see that you are growing by leaps and bounds. They will be proud to come along for the ride.

One way of celebrating would be to run some sort of promotion. You could announce that the first customer in every day gets breakfast on the house. Put that announcement on the menu board and ensure it is prominently displayed.

  • Get artistic!

Let not your menu board display mirror everyone else’s. Yours should have something special that can be attributed to you. Whether it is the font you choose or the colors, own it. Ensure that you communicate with the installing team exactly what you want and how you want it so that it can be your touch that your customers see and feel.

When you are in such a competitive sector, you must always make sure that you have that edge, that something that your peers overlook, and it is easy enough to do that with your restaurant menu board since it is the one thing that your customers must notice.


Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible for her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

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