Data Scientist Qualifications

Grappling with the burgeoning data that is waiting to explode isn’t easy. The amount of data generated every day is unimagined. We have more data than we can operate on for the first time in the human history. As opposed to data deficient, we are now data surplus.Here are the top courses to have in the field of big data and data science.

Harvard Data Science Course: if you are studying anything at Harvard, you already receive the connotations of excellent and intelligent. The big data scientist certification from here will easily launch your career into space. Priorexperience is a must to achieve these qualifications along with a good grasp of the statistics and analytics. You will learn how to start with data collection, arrange it, and analyze them. You will also learn to present the data in charts, stories, visualizations, and summaries which is easy to fathom. Moreover, when you take this certification, you can extrapolate it to gather trends.

UC Berkeley: The program is available online which makes it very easy to access it round the clock. The program will help you mine big data and uncover patterns, terms, and relationships which data can reveal. The angle of information added to the certification is the day-to-day life activities in which data analytics can be added. The behavior of data and organizational structure is studied with the different tools and techniques to understand the issues of complexity and sustainability. Moreover, you can get a hang of information systems, software, and hardware issues.

DASCA:A pioneer in providing the state of the art data scientist qualifications. You can start from the basic certifications of associate to reach the level of senior associate and finally to the altar of the principal data scientist. It offers a variety of features which will make you grab it as soon as you know about them. If you get a degree from the DASCA accredited institutions, you have relaxed terms and conditions to be admitted for certifications. The basic programs require prior knowledge of some big data software like PERL, SQL, Java, and Linux/Unix. The other high-category certifications demand 6 years or more years of experience.

Standford University:Whoever is oriented mathematically can get admitted here. The courses rely heavily on mathematics, engineering, science, and computer programming. A strong analytical mind and mathematical approach are indispensable as they form the underpinnings of the big data scientist certification. The courses are in association with big names in the data science industry. Coming from the masters in the industry, you will learn a great deal in an excellent fashion.

Carnegie Mellon University: This name can’t remain unmentioned if it’s about the data scientist qualifications. There are additional aspects that have been added to the big data scientist certification like segmentation analysis, GIS mapping, data visualization, and analytical reporting. The areas that have been covered under the curriculum are business intelligence, information technology, and data analytics.

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