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Diathermy: Its Meaning Types, Risks And Benefits

The human body is a complex one. It took the doctors and scientists years to figure out its functioning and to find a cure for diseases. Even today, the struggle to find a cure for a few diseases prevails. But, on the other hand, we have a very optimistic future.

This article highlights a muscle relaxation therapy called diathermy, its types and needs and also the diathermy machine price in India.

Diathermy is a mechanism that is used to relax the muscles and for heat induction in the body tissues for therapeutic purposes. In this method, heat or electromagnetic currents are electrically induced. This is used in surgical procedures or in occupational therapy.

If one was to categorise, then you could catalogue three categories by which diathermy is produced:

  1. Ultrasound i.e., ultrasonic diathermy
  2. Shortwave frequencies for radios ranging from 1-100 MHz
  3. Microwaves i.e., microwave diathermy

Apart from these, diathermy that is used in surgery is of two types:


  1. Monopolar- in this case, the current passes from an electrode that is near to the tissue that is to be treated to another fixed electrode anywhere else in the body. Generally, in such cases, the electrode is situated around the leg or near the buttocks.
  2. Bipolar- in this case, the electric current only passes through the tissue that is being treated. This technique is helpful in microsurgery and also with patients that use a cardiac pacemaker.

There are also a few risks associated with diathermy:

  • Incorrect grounding pad or fire outbreak from electrocautery results in burns. Hence, the pad surface that is in contact shouldn’t be too small. Also, one must take care of the electrolytic gel of the pad.
  • Also, there is an extra concern for patients who have a decreased sensitivity to heat or cold. There have been instances of flash fires during the process of electrocautery in the operating theatre.
  • Surgical smoke that is produced by electrocautery also raises concerns. The patients, surgeons and the staff in the operating theatre could get seriously affected because of the chemicals it contains.

These are some of the major concerns related to the process of diathermy.

Check out the most common effects or merits of the diathermy process on the human body:

  • Increase in the blood flow.
  • Speeding up of the metabolism system.
  • Helps in the relief of joint stiffness by helping the joint capsules and tendon tissues by helping them stretch better under the heat.
  • Helps in muscle relaxation.
  • This finally leads to a reduction in muscle spasm.

So, this is a brief of the entire process involved in this. Hopefully, this article was useful in understanding the process and for people who are experiencing muscle and joint related issues can finally find themselves a way out! There are a number of diathermy machine manufacturers India. The price of these machines generally starts from somewhere around 25,000 INR. So, are you planning to get one?

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