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Different courses of photography

By on May 7, 2019
Different courses of photography

These days a lot of photography schools have been opened as people are becoming keener is learning the art of photography and many of them try to pursue it as a career. As more schools are opening every day, there are varieties of courses that are being offered when it comes to photography.

There can be courses depending on the exact subject and there can also be courses according to the time span of it. If one is busy with their job and other issues then they can always go for a short term course which can help them to learn the basics about photography. There are two month photography courses in Delhi where one can get enrolled.

2 Month Photography course

It is very short term course and this one is best suited for people who just want to keep photography as a passion and hobby and wants to polish their skills in the art form. It is a very short course which can be done on work breaks or study breaks (like the break of semesters). Here are some major takeaways from this photography course:

  • Photography and its history
  • Understanding Camera Settings
  • Anatomy of a Digital Camera
  • Portrait, mid length and full length shoots in a studio setting
  • Basic Knowledge of light and its types
  • Landscape, monuments and people photography
  • Dawn and Night Photography
  • Basic construction of a Portfolio
  • Introduction to Photoshop

If one has some more spare time, then they can enrol into a 4 month course of photography.

4 Month Photography Course

It is a bit advanced course in photography as compared to the previously mentioned one. This one is very much suitable for those who want to take this art of photography quite seriously and at the same time want to take a few baby steps towards making photography as a career option in near future. This particular course can uplift their skills and they want to take photography seriously. The major takeaways from these courses are:

  • Arrangement and appropriate placement of props in a frame
  • Food stylized photography
  • Understanding advanced photo editing tools such as Light room and Photoshop4
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Understanding of Advanced portfolio
  • Photo gallery walks

There are 1 year photography courses in India as well which one can pursue:

1 Year Photography Class

It is definitely an advanced course of photography which is mainly offered in some best photography schools in and around India. It is a strenuous but very enriching course where an amateur photographer can turn into a truly professional one. This course can help one to learn more about photography and challenge them in different situations.

The major things that one can get to learn in this course of photography:

  • Knowing the basic and advanced details on how to use a camera.
  • Advanced knowledge of lighting
  • Use of reflectors
  • Understanding tilt, pan and zooming
  • Understanding aesthetic theories of photography
  • Studio shoots with speed lights and flash
  • Career tips
  • Internship opportunities

So, one can go for that.

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