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Different Types of Carpets You Can Buy from Shops

By on March 21, 2018
carpets and rugs online

A drawing room or bedroom can look elegant with beautiful carpets. This is used to cover the floor, but that is in a beautiful way. Often, carpets are also referred as rugs and these are always in fashion. In earlier days, use of carpets in royal houses was a regular user. Today also, in various households, carpets are used to beautify the house. There are different types of carpets which are suitable for various needs and available in huge varieties. As they serve you for a long time, you can buy one of good quality. Here are the different types of carpets you can buy-

Woven Carpet

If you look for carpets and rugs online, you can buy woven carpets because of their wonderful look. As different colored yarns are used to prepare different types of designs and patterns, these woven carpets look different from one another. Usually, natural fibers, like wool, coir, jute, coconut wood, etc. are used to prepare this type of carpets. These carpets are extremely durable and also of high quality. If you want something of high quality with enough longevity, these are the best.

Needle Felt Carpet

These types of carpets are technologically advanced carpet. This type of carpet is produced through electrostatic attraction of each fiber and then the fibers are combined to produce the entire carpet. Buying this carpet can be beneficial as those are extremely durable. Usually, these are bought for the venues like hotels, offices, business sectors, restaurants and especially for those places where traffic congestion is high. These types of carpets are quite expensive.

Tufted Carpet

carpets and rugs online

As this type of carpet is produced in a tufting machine, they are known as tufted carpet. While making this type of carpet, usually, colored or non-colored yarns are used. If it is made with non-colored yarn, it is dyed and printed afterward to produce the end product. Made on machine, the production is quicker and also priced cheap.

Flat Weave Carpet

These types of carpets are produced by interlocking the weft threads and warps. Flatweave carpet is of two types- tapestry carpet and plain weave carpet. This carpet is popular in Japan and North America, but they are not that much common.

Hooked Carpet

This type of carpet is quite popular among many households as they are handmade and has the authenticity of traditional carpets. These are manufactured by pulling strings of cotton or wool through the meshes of sturdy fabric.

These are different types of carpet that you can buy any and make your room beautiful. Carpets help your feet to stay well as there is no direct connection between dust and your feet. Like the types of carpet, there are variations of the fibers of carpet too, like-

  • Nylon Fiber
  • Polypropylene Fiber
  • Polyester Fiber
  • Wool Fiber
  • Cut Carpet Pile
  • Uncut Carpet Pile
  • Wool Fiber

If you are buying a carpet, you can remember these things about types and fiber. Go for rugs online shopping and buy the most suitable one.

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