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Do you Really Love Your Partner?

By on April 27, 2018
Do you Really Love Your Partner

We are so engrossed in the need to assure our partner’s feelings that we do not pay much attention to what we put in our hearts according to new insights toronto.

On the web you will find more articles on how to tell if he loves you. But what do you really feel about your partner?

When we’re captured by someone, our senses are constantly alert to his characters. Is he in love? Is he sincere? Does he see in me his future wife and mother of his children?

We are so absorbed in the need to assure our partner’s feelings that we do not pay much attention to what we really have in our hearts. Sometimes we can mistake the passion that sweets us in the early stages of a relationship with love. Years later, common goals, care for children, memories together. And love? It has a lot to do with all these things but has a much bigger feeling. And sometimes, as much as we like someone and feel connected with him, we do not have love. Six are the typical signs of this:


When you really love, you have the energy and the desire to discover the world with your partner. People who do not love, on the contrary, have little desire to do anything together – from planning joint trips to preparing breakfast together.


If you are in a hurry to go back from work to see your man, if you cannot wait to spend the weekend together, if you sometimes steal half an hour at noon to be together, then you obviously love this man. The opposite shows that your relationship does not reach love. If it’s like when you’ll see it again, if you always prefer to see friends, instead of planning something together, it’s a sign of trouble.

Physical intimacy suffers

People who love want to make love both physically. If you say you love a man, but you do not want it, you can “love” in the same way your dog or playing tennis. For a woman in love, sex is an expression of love. Not just an act that raises self-esteem, but also a way to give something of yourself – warmth, tenderness, confidence, pleasure.

Happiness in love is not so difficult

Lack of focus

Focus means constant, focused actions that aim to keep the human relationship with us alive. Those little gestures of caution, like getting a little earlier to make him a cappuccino. Or at noon to remember that he had an important meeting in the morning and to call in to inquire how it had passed. Focusing on one person means thinking about it often. If you can safely spend a whole weekend without thinking of your boyfriend (unless it is to remind him to shed the flowers), perhaps your feelings are not that strong.


The loving person respects their partner. She seeks his opinion, can listen to him, and has a sincere desire to spare their feelings. If you find that it is as if you have afflicted your husband, and when he expresses their opinion, rather annoys you than really excite you, it is not real love.
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