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Is this the era of automotive Nirvana? | Test Area

This moment seems to be the future of cars. From electric cars, self-driving cars, cloud infrastructure to the communications systems in driver assisted cars, we are living in an ideal world for car lovers. Buyers have a huge selection of cars to choose from. You can buy luxury sedans, hatchbacks, high-end SUVs, subcompact, crossovers, minis and many more. The leading giants like Tesla, Mercedes, Chevy, Audi and Rolls Royce are constantly innovating to bring their future concept cars. But is this the end? Are we living in the ultimate paradise of cars?

Automotive innovation has been taking place in two areas:

  1. Quicker Customer access
  2. Interior and Exterior innovation

Customer Access

The Automotive Nirvana market has been diversified more than ever now. The supply chain of cars is faster and efficient now. The car buying experience is also changing as the cars change. Consider the online market. It is easy to sell and buy a car due to online car portals like People come flocking to these online car platforms and search for the car that meets their needs on the web. This is altogether different from searching the car on foot were car salesman was the key negotiators. More and more traditional operators are shifting their operations online to fasten the car service. Websites now offer free car evaluation, price negotiation, back-office paperwork and even home delivery online. Car manufacturers are collaborating with online market giants to sell their cars. A similar deal Ford mad with the retail Giant Alibaba to sell their cars.

Interior and Exterior Innovation

The interior and exterior of the cars have been revamped to safety, comfort, speed, and efficiency. We are seeing self-driving cars as Waymo by Google. Ride-sharing apps Uber and Lyft are also venturing into such projects. Though there is a lot of debate about the future role of this technology. The real transformation is the replacement of combustion engines by electric batteries to produce environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient cars. Electric vehicles are the modern world’s answer to curtail the pollution and according to the estimates, electric costs will cost the same as traditional engines in the coming years.

On the other hand, countries like UK, France, Germany, and Norway have promised to ban the use of petrol and diesel to curb their use. Several countries are providing subsidies and tax rebates to the manufacturers and consumer of electric cars. Even China wants half of its car sales to be electric by 2020. This has reduced dependence on oil and gas that was unimaginable a few years back.

If this is the Utopia then what does the future hold?

Tomorrow’s cars will be autonomous and smarter. It will be a mobile entity than just a vehicle. It will be able to communicate with its surroundings. They will connect with the cars mid-drive and will provide virtual assistance. Accidents rate will decrease and cars will become a luxury pod to travel.

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