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Find the Best Cafe Shops in Des Moines

By on August 27, 2019
cafe shops

Cafes are the places where one wants to spend some quality time with their friends and close ones. They are the relaxed corners of the city where one can chill out and talk peacefully with each other with a cuppa of hot coffee. Also, if one wants, they can also choose a quiet corner and read a book or work or spend some time along with a large mug of coffee.

If you are looking for some of the best cafes,then here are 5 best cafe shops in Des Moines for you to check:

Waveland Cafe

Located in the heart of Des Moines, this is a café, which is visited by a lot of locals. This cafe is old (located here for more than 35 years) and has a wide range of delectable dishes and beverages. Also, the price range here is not very high. One can go for omelets and muffins along with the beverage if they are not much hungry. But if they are, they can try their grilled items and salads. Apart from that, tea, coffee and hot chocolates are also served here.

The River-Walk Hub

This is not popular only as a café, but the architecture and the decor here are the main attraction that people keep visiting here. This is said to be one of the best cafe restaurants in Des Moines. They have a good selection of aromatic coffee brews and some espresso drinks. With them, one can try their sandwiches and fresh pastries as the sides. One can also go for the craft beers as they are also available. This place is recommended by the locals to the tourists when they are visiting Des Moines.

St Kilda

This is an Australian style bakery and cafe located in Des Moines, and one can select from their varied options of breakfast and lunch spreads. Coffee beverages are very popular here, and they are paired best with brashly baked pastries. Sandwiches, toasts and salads are also very tasty. The decor is good and staff is polite and well-behaved.

Gateway Market Cafe

Located at the Gateway market of the Woodland Avenue, this cafe is a household name to the locals. This is a place which gives very positive vibe to the people and one can have some fun time with their friends and family here. Freshly brewed coffee and vintage wines are served here along with some finest delicacies. Though it is a cafe, yet it also offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus to their customers. One can enjoy the friendly ambience here to the fullest.

South Union Bread Cafe

This is a lunchtime cafe in Des Moines which is famous for its signature sandwiches and some fresh salads. They have a separate salad bar and for those who love to have salads must visit this place. Meat and cheese platters here are also to die for.

So, one can always try cafes to have an enjoyable evening andtry varieties of coffee and other beverages with friends and family. Des Moines offers some lovely cafe corners to their people.

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