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Five Things to Think About Before Booking Your Train Ticket

By on April 25, 2018
Booking Your Train Ticket

Since the Industrial Revolution in 1857, the production of railway and lying of railway lines have almost reached saturation levels. As of now, India has around 60,000 km of railway lines, making it the largest in the world. Such an extensive rail set up is necessary for a country with a population so high. Around 1.3 billion people stay in India. A majority of office goers travel across the country using public transport. Train travel is cheap, economical, and widely available. People travelling prefer using trains, hence making it the most used system for travelling. Here are a set of things to keep in mind before booking your train ticket –

  • Know where you want to go and from where you want to board your train

The Indian Railways have made ticket booking really simple and reliable. You can book a ticket from anywhere across the country from any ticket counter. You can also book tickets from agents and a lot of other websites across the internet. So before you book your ticket, check beforehand for the train seat availability on your scheduled travel date. Also, check the list of stations each train travels through, and the scheduled stops, so that you can plan out your journey more efficiently.

  • Buy your tickets, choose your seat type

After discussing with your friends, and your family, you can decide upon which type of seat you wish to travel on. There are many types of seats in Indian Railway –

  • 1A First Class AC
  • 2A Second AC/ AC two tier
  • 3A Third AC
  • 3E AC three tiers Economy
  • CC Chair Car
  • SL Sleeper Class
  • 2S Second Seating
  • Checking PNR Status

Ticket pricing depends on the type of ticket. It also depends on the date of buying the ticket. You will receive a PNR along with your ticket. Status of PNR can be checked from home itself, either by phone or by any online website. There is no need to go back to the ticket counter to book.

  • Why can’t you choose your train seats like how you pick seats while booking a bus ticket?

Train seating algorithm is complicated. If people are allowed to choose berths, perhaps some of the lower berths remain vacant. During a sharp turn at high speeds, the train may topple, leading to a catastrophe of a high degree. So, the seats are first assigned in the middle of the train coach, and the lower berth is taken. The next seats are booked on either side, and it goes on till all the lower berths are booked. Middle and upper berths are reserved similarly. Hence, berth booking is not allowed and is made by the train seating allotment algorithm itself.

  • Follow certain rules when in the train

Indian Railway tries its best to keep all trains and stations clean, but then, we, the travellers should have the moral integrity to keep coaches clean. Restrooms are maintained well by the Department. Ensure there is no wastage of water. In case of an emergency, pull the train chain to bring the train to a halt. Keep railway stations clean as well. After the journey, ensure you haven’t left any waste behind in your seats. Also, make sure that you have not forgotten any luggage. Indian Railways always want you to have a safe, and a comfortable train journey.

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