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Factors to be considered when installing frameless shower enclosures

By on January 9, 2019
frameless shower

Frameless shower enclosures are a current trend among many urban families. They come in different sizes and designs according to specifications of the homeowners. The enclosures have gained popularity over the traditional bathroom designs because of the elegance and vibrancy that they introduce to the bathrooms pace. Many modifications are done on the shower enclosures to meet the specifications of the homeowners. The traditional bathrooms may be upgraded to the trendy frameless shower enclosures so that more comfort and luxurious space is created.

Why Frameless Shower Enclosures

The popularity surrounding the frameless shower enclosures revolves around some primary factors. These factors have been discussed in more detail below.

The Ease Of Cleaning

It has never been easy to clean shower spaces until the introduction of the frameless shower enclosures. Homeowners have an essay time cleaning them since they are not prone to dirt. All that is required is a cleaning agent and a cleaning material.  A higher frequency of cleaning maintains the neatness of the enclosures and a comfortable environment is created.


Who wouldn’t want a shower enclosure that can be customized anytime one wants to? The customizability of the frameless shower enclosures has contributed to many people opting for them instead of the traditional designs. It is common for young families to install these types of shower enclosures so that they can customize them whenever it is required.

frameless shower

Ease Of Installation

Most of the traditional bathrooms required a lot of work input so that they could be built. Mostly bricks were used and had to be included in the initial design by the architects.  When installing the frameless shower enclosures, it could take just a few hours. However, the help of professional interior designers would help in ensuring that everything is error free in the long run.

Factors To Consider Before Installing Frameless Shower Enclosures     

Having a frameless shower enclosure in the bathroom may create a comfortable and vibrant environment. However, there are crucial factors that every homeowner has to consider before installing their desired designs.  The following are the major considerations that homeowners ought to counter check before installing frameless shower doors in their bathrooms.

The Available Space

The available space within a bathroom is a determinant on whether or how to install the frameless shower enclosures. Houses that have spacious bathrooms may have enough room to install walk in shower enclosures. This would, however, be dependent on the needs of the homeowners. Consequently, confined spaces cannot provide enough room for the installation of large frameless shower enclosures. When designing the type of shower enclosures to be included within the bathroom, homeowners have the liberty of consulting with professional interior designers. This would help them in making the right decision in the long run.  A mistake that would ensue is the failure to approximate or identify the available space to install a frameless shower enclosure. Taking measurements accurately is the only secret that can help in verifying the amount of space that is available.

The Available Budget

Budget planning is always a must do for anyone who plans to install new accessories in their homes. Purchasing a frameless shower enclosure can be a tasking ordeal. This is the main reason that professional interior designers advise homeowners to plan their budget well before making decisions. Sticking to a projected budget is essential for proper financial responsibility. Impulse buying of materials when installation of the frameless shower enclosure is needed is common. To avoid this, homeowners should always have a pre-planned budget which they are expected to stick to. However, if the budget is flexible, they have the freedom of choosing their preferred shower enclosures.

The Type Of Door To Be Installed

Different frameless  shower enclosures have varying designs of doors that may accompany them. To maintain elegance and vibrancy, the homeowner should select the doors that complement the shower enclosure. The available space for the shower enclosure is a determinant factor of the type of door that should be installed. Ideally, homeowners with large spaces would prefer hinged doors that open normally. However, confined spaces may prefer having sliding doors. The option of whether to use hinge or sliding doors should, however,  be determined by the interior designers. The doors should however not conflict with the designs of the shower enclosure in any way.

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