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How to Get followers can quickly get to Instagram

By on March 30, 2018
How to Get followers can quickly get to Instagram

How to Get followers can quickly get to Instagram

1. A good profile photo

First impressions are extremely important so think carefully about your profile photo. This Profile photo is a represent the all entire account, so keep it simple, professional and without (simple, small, therefore unreadable) text.

2. Put your account on public

Know your followers
You have a good profile photo, bio and your account is on public. But which content are you going to post? To answer this question you need to know who your audience is.
How to View private instagram: CLICK HERE (Download Instagram++ Apps)

3. Fill in the biography:

Do not leave your biography empty. The biography is also an important tool with which you can persuade potential followers to follow you.
Again, make sure the biography is related to your account. Explain in the biography what the users of the page can expect. For example, choose “Beaty Junkie. Expect pictures of fun fashion, make-up and hairstyles. ”
You can also choose to mention your personality in a nutshell. For example, choose “Chronic Giggle”, “Coffee Addict” or “Fitness Crazy”.
You can also choose to use your bio to advertise your favorite tags, such as # Follow4Follow (more on that later), “shoutout for shoutout” or your own personal hashtag-think of a nickname or phrase that summarizes you and your intend to add to all your photos.
For example, if your name is Kees and you like to post photos of parties, you can use #FeestKees as a personal hashtag. With a bit of luck, it will catch on with your own friends and followers!

4. Upload your photos at the best times

Maybe you have the coolest, funniest or most beautiful photo ever in your possession, but if you do not upload it to your Instagram at the correct time, you limit the number of people who see your photo.
– Think about your followers and their patterns. Most people check Instagram in the early morning, for school or work, and in the late afternoon on their way home from work.
– It is therefore advisable to place your most important photos around these times.
– According to a survey of ‘Simply Measure’, most people on Instagram are online on Wednesday between 17:00 and 18:00.
– There is also an app called ‘Statigram’, on which you can see when your followers are most often online. This allows you to determine when you can post the best.
– Keep in mind that your photos have about a time frame of 4 hours to pick up likes, comments and followers before they are buried by other posts in people’s feed.

5. Reuse your Instagram content on your Facebook page

Nobody forbids you to use the photos you put on Instagram elsewhere, so you would be crazy if you did not. Extra content on different social channels without the extra effort, cool anyway!

Do not do it alone via the Instagram app, because photos that you place on Facebook in this way are displayed much less often on your FB timeline. That way they get fewer views, fewer likes and fewer reactions.

By putting your photos and text separately on both channels, you make the best use of the best of the two social worlds. It is an extra action, but the result is there with extra hits, extra hearts and – before you know it – extra followers.

6. Use the TagsForLikes app:

TagsForLikes is an immensely popular app that can speed up the tagging process and maximize the number of likes you get on your posts. This app allows you to copy a list of twenty to thirty popular tags that are trending that day.
To use the TagsForLikes app, download the app, open the app, and select “Popular” from the main menu. Then choose “Most Popular”. You will now see a list of tags that are popular that day, and are specifically aimed at getting more likes and followers.
Copy the list of tags, open your Instagram and paste the tags in the caption of the photos you are going to post. Within minutes you will have scored many likes and new followers!
After a few hours you can go back to the TagsForLikes app and select the “2nd Popular” option. You will now get a list with the following popular tags.
Copy and paste them in a comment under the original tags of your photo. You will probably not get so many new likes and followers this time, but at least a few.
You can also consider adding these tags to older photos so that they can revitalize them!

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