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Get the best electric screwdriver from Eastman Hand Tools

By on March 9, 2019

Eastman Cast and Forge Ltd are featuring an exclusive range of utility foodstuffs for all industrial purposes. Eastman hand Tools began its operations during 1989, with an aim to instill and introduce the concept of business supply chains in India. We have exceptional workmanship including a compliant team of engineers and marketing expert, firm value control, the first-rate eminence produce in accordance with international standards(DIN, JIS, ANSI), competitive pricing, timely deliveries, personalized packing, and branding.

Our built-up quantity is over 24 million of tools per annum as well as we ahead this to our customers in the form of competitive prices with a promise of complaint-free & delivered on time. We basically bond with manufacturing all categories of best screwdriver hand tools, agricultural tools, construction tools, automotive tools, and plumb tools etc. We consider in research, design, engineering, quality testing, packing and then merchandising. We use premium quality products for the manufacturing of the tools. Our Quality of products is confirmed by the global standards and we are effectively exporting them universal in countries like Russia, South America, Central America, Europe, South East, Asian Countries, Middle East, Africa, and 40 more countries.

A wrench or spanner is a device used to give grip and involuntary advantage in drawing objects, like nuts and bolts or keep them from rotating. The most ordinary architecture is called open-ended spanner and ring spanner. The term wrench is commonly used for tools that turn non-binding equipment’s. A Spanner refers to a particular pull with a series of pins or tabs around the circumference. These pins fit into the holes hack into the thing to be twisted. The most common shape is called open end wrench and box end wrench. This Web site will let you go through the products manufactured by us. We are progressively developing new crop which is constructed with the most advanced technology to keep up the pace with the latest market supplies. We are thankful to our entire esteem consumer for their support & friendly collaboration through our progress. We will continue to manage the peak standards as per their needs.


For flat pack construction, storeroom work and, in fact, no matter which other than screwing such as a best electric screwdriver into stonework or in very tight spaces, nothing beats electric screwdrivers. Real burly builder fells would tell you they’d never be seen dead holding an emotional screwdriver. We beg to differ. With the greatest exciting screwdrivers, you can easily do away with RSI and make mincemeat out of simple screwing jobs. They get into tighter seats than drill drivers and are easier on the wrist than manual ones.

The truth is, manually bolting into timber, plaster and flat pack equipment can be a killer on the arms. Guidebook screwdrivers get dropped into infinite chasms behind furniture, drills are too unmanageable, and expletives tumble like rabbits down a slide, out of tired mouths. An electric screwdriver offers relief to regular helpful folk and the best ones characteristic gun-like barrels to hold countless screwdriver bits, meaning no more grope over the correct ‘driver for the job.

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