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How to figure out whether you are fertile or not?

By on March 2, 2019
Tools for pregnancy

Tools for pregnancy would enable you to confirm pregnancy status, but before that some symptoms of pregnancy emerge. A lot of women are not even aware of facts pertaining to fertility. Apart from the tools for pregnancy, there are various methodologies that give you an idea about pregnancy.

Regular periods

If your menstrual cycle lasts for 28 to 35 days you might be ovulating. A regular sign indicates good fertile signs because an assumption is that hormones are working in a proper manner. In fact, a uterus is known to have a normal lining of blood.

Tracking of an ovulation cycle

Being aware of your monthly cycle along with its predictability, it is better if you can predict your ovulation days. This basically helps someone who is trying to be pregnant. You are going to ovulate before 14 days of your last period assuming you are having a 28-day cycle. On the other side if you are having a 32-day cycle you would be ovulating on the 18th day. If you are finding it difficult to track it down yourself then rely on an ovulation kit which will guide you on the exact date of ovulation.

Changing basal body temperature

Before you step out of bed in the morning take your basal body temperature would be one of the best ways to track down ovulation. Before 24 hours you ovulate your basal body temperature would dip about half %. Once you ovulate it is going to spike by a degree or so.

Tools for pregnancy

The correct type of weight

In case if you are overweight or underweight you could face up to fertility issues. Though the possibility of pregnancy still exists. If you are overweight, excess fat could interrupt the balance of hormones needed for embryo development or ovulation. In case if you happen to be underweight the body is in an energy consumption mode warding off ovulation would like to keep the body working. For a successful conception, it is recommended that women have an ideal weight.

Figuring out changes in the levels of cervical mucus

Once the body pops up for pregnancy, estrogen along with hormones go on to have an impact on the cervical mucus that a vagina produces. The mucus becomes watery, slippery and clear in composition. Before a couple of weeks prior to ovulation, this can occur. If you are professional to observe such changes in the cervical mucus it is a good sign to guess when you will ovulate.

The above tips will help both the partners to have a baby. It is better to focus on the solution once you face problems with fertility. Do not allow everyday tensions to roll on to your life as this can have a major impact if you are trying to become pregnant. Staying happy, a healthy diet and if you have any fertility issues meeting with a specialist are some effective ways to deal with the problem. Very soon you can expect to have a healthy baby in your arms.

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