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How to increase your productivity by renovating your home office

By on August 2, 2019
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As we get more dependent on the technological innovations around us, the conveniences we get from them impact our lives at work and at home. The presence of various electronic devices can sometimes distract us, but when used the right way, these devices can help us maximize our potential in the workplace.. Thanks to modern innovations, the traditional eight-hour-or-more workday can take place in a conventional office or in the comfort of the home.  Vacant spaces in many homes have been remodeled and converted into office spaces where you can shift from a homebody into an office drone without leaving your house!

As working from home is becoming more popular and viable, more and more individuals, especially women, are able to balance parenting and employment. However, the comfort one can attain in having a home office does not guarantee an increase in productivity over the traditional workplace. Just like in how we fix and arrange our office spaces, a home office needs a better and more efficient design to ensure that you can work effectively, thus being more productive. If you are not satisfied with the present condition and look of your home office, renovating it is the solution.

What Makes a Home Office Inefficient?

Despite that having a professional home office is now a trendy way to work, it is still prone to some problems and conflicts. Here are some of the things that affect your productivity and efficiency while working in your office at home:

  1. Distractions from your children and other household members.

Yes, finally! You can have your work while staying with your loved ones at home. Just when you think this is the perfect setup for your workday, you may begin to discover some drawbacks. You will be prone to distractions especially if you have children in the family. Also, the household routines will not leave you at peace.

  1. Insufficient space.

Your present home office may not be big enough to accommodate everything you need. Especially if you are living in an apartment or any close quarters, you have no choice but to push through that area so that you can start working regardless of what it looks like.

  1. Lack of privacy.

Your work or business is not a very private matter to keep that as a secret, but still, having privacy especially in closing deals and talking to some clients is an essential aspect of what you are doing. When your home office is near the family room, for instance, it is always susceptible to being disturbed and also your office things like supplies and documents are prone to be disclosed.

  1. It is not the right area.

Because you get thrilled at the idea of having an office to your home, you skipped the other details that you have to check out first. Now, as you always start doing your routine, you always realize that the couch or the chair is uncomfortable to sit with, people come and go as you try to accomplish your work, and the position between you and your laptop is not good for your posture and body.

  1. Disorganization.

You put all the available containers that you can get from your kitchen to keep the supplies and other items in your home office organized and accessible, yet, you always find yourself looking for your pen. Worse, your office is another clutter-prone in your house, always.

  1. It doesn’t compliment your home.

Unfortunately, there are home offices that look awkward or out of sync to what the home generally looks like. Yes, its functions as an office are accomplished, but if it looks complex to the home, this is another problem.

  1. A home office is a new storage site in the house.

If you have no idea where to put your things, where do you run to? To your home office! Aside from being the place where you always perform your professional side, this has been also your depository area where you can store things that seem to have no definite place in your home.

Advantages of Home Office Renovation

The productivity and efficacy we always aim can bring many advantages, and here, we will enumerate and explain the benefits of home office remodeling especially in connection to your efficiency as a working person,

Better layout

There is a science behind having a good floorplan for your office. According to studies, employees show more productivity in open spaces and the way their desks are placed, and this can be applied to your home office as well. Observe how you perform your tasks and set a good layout for more efficiency.

Safety and Health

The importance of being purposive in choosing the furniture and overall design of your office can also contribute to your health and safety. Ergonomics or the process of designing and arranging different things and systems to fit the people that will use or execute it is an important aspect that shouldn’t be neglected in-home office renovation. The careful and well-researched maximizing of the home office space and furniture can bring positivity especially in working that doesn’t compromise your health.

Potential growth and development

A fruitful and well-organized working space produce not only better financial stability, but also to personal and corporate growth and development.

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