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How to prevent and reduce scars

By on June 6, 2019

Scar is not a prized possession which might make you go gaga. It is bound to cause a sense of discomfort and people take it with a tinge of salt. You can use soap for scars to keep the problem at bay but still it is better if you are able to prevent the occurrence of the scar in the first place. Let us figure out the ways by which you can prevent occurrence of scars

The fresh wounds have to be cleared regularly

If there is a fresh wound cleaning the area can help to combat issues of irritation, infection and scarring. You need to wash the area with fresh soap along with warm water to remove the dirt and debris.

  • Do keep away from soaps with harsh chemicals or fragrances
  • In case if you are availing medical treatment for your wound you need to follow the instructions of your doctor on how to clean and dress it

An effective tip is not to worry about the use of an anti -bacterial soap. Research is of the opinion that it proves to be a lot effective to prevent infections rather than the use of regular soaps. The reason being they go on to do more harm than good.

The wound have to be hydrated with petroleum jelly when they are healing

Any wound that leaves scabs is more likely to be causing scars. To reduce possibility of scabbing treat your wounds with a petroleum jelly and make sure that you cover the wound with a bandage that is hydrated and clean

  • You need to clean the wound and then the bandage. Reapply the bandage jelly till the point of time the bandage would get dirty or wet.

Wounds can be treated with Aloe Vera gel

Medical experts are of the opinion that wounds are better if you treat them with Aloe Vera gel. Even the no scar soaps use of would be of help. In fact they are much more effective in treating wounds than petroleum jelly. In order to reduce the impact of scarring, resort to the use of 100 % Aloe Vera gel till it heals completely.

  • If the degree of burn is at a higher level you need to seek out treatment on an immediate basis. There is no point in trying to develop a severe burn at your own end

The scar is to be protected from direct rays of the sun once it heals

Your wound might have healed but still a general suggestion is to restrict the exposure to sun as it can lead to permanent scarring. Once after the wound heals there is fresh scarring you need to put sunscreen and cover it with protective clothing till the point the fade disappears.

  • The sunscreen needs to be used till SPF of 30
  • If the scar is from surgery then your surgeon would ask you to wear it for a single year

To sum it up these are the ways by which you can prevent flare up of scars.

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