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How to Search for Jobs in Qatar as Tourists?

By on April 15, 2019
Jobs in Qatar

Qatar is one of the prominent Gulf countries, whose capital city is Doha. It is one of the richest countries of the world, opening up great avenues of employment for locals and expats. Jobs in Qatar are available in various industries. Currently, the industries in which expats can make a prospective career in Qatar are construction, finance, media, education, energy, recruitment, tourism, and hospitality. As per Qatari labor law, companies should give preference to Qatari nationals. There are chances of non-Qatari nationals to be employed in Qatar jobs only if an employer does not find a Qatari national to be suitable to perform the specific job role. Thus, if you are on a tourist visa, getting suitable jobs in Qatar may not be so easy but it is not impossible either.

What do you do, when you are in the country as a tourist and looking for a career in Qatar?

Tourists should follow a proper job search strategy to get employed in jobs in Qatar.

First of all, make optimum use of your tourist visa. Apply and attend as many interviews call as possible. If you are lucky and you get the job, your employer will take care of the rest for your permanent stay in the country, along with providing the work permit.

Search online, local newspapers and the websites of various companies for Qatar jobs. Make a list of prominent companies based in the country. Call them, send your resume with cover letter and ask for vacancies or apply on the company’s websites for jobs that suit your profile.

There are some employment search engines like as Bayt, Qatar online, Gulftalent, Monstergulf for Qatar jobs, where you can search for a variety of jobs. Narrow down your search as per your interest, skill, and qualification. Try to connect with these companies through phone or email. If possible post your CV online. This will help recruiters to find you.

Networking in Qatar during your job search is very essential. Get in touch with all your known sources, from family, friends to colleagues and business contacts. Tell them to help you find suitable jobs in Qatar. Sometimes, a known source can be of great help to you to build a suitable career in Qatar, especially when you are on a tourist visa.

Many expat events take place in Qatar from time to time. You can attend such events during your stay here. This is a great way to connect with expats who are doing well in Qatar jobs and find out how they found work in the country, and whether their company has any openings. Online Expat forums of Qatar are also helpful.

Jobs in Qatar

Regular reading of the local newspapers will be of great help to you. There are classified postings for jobs in Qatar for executives and professionals in these newspapers.

Get in touch with Recruitment Agencies for Qatar. Usually, in Qatar, most recruitment agencies specialize in a particular industry. For instance, you will find one recruitment agency that deals only with IT jobs, while there is another one which handles construction jobs in Qatar and so on. So, as per your desired profile, you can connect with these recruitment agencies for Qatar jobs. It is advisable to connect with these agencies before visiting Qatar, telling them your job preferences. Once you reach your destination, you can contact them in person. This saves your time in job search in Qatar.

Last but not least, attending job fairs for a career in Qatar is a must. Try to make a visit to this country during the time when such career fairs are held. Career fairs are a great way to find out about the availability of job opportunities in Qatar. You also get a chance to meet a large number of employers in one day and apply for jobs in Qatar. Entrance is usually free in such job fairs. But, it is advisable to register online for avoiding the last-minute rush. Also, carry your CV with you and dress properly in formals as there can also be on the spot interviews.

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