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How YouTube video thumbnails can attract a larger audience?

By on September 21, 2018
YouTube video thumbnails

Being in the social media world isn’t an easy job. Continuously your creative cells need to produce something that is unique, path-breaking and something different from what others post or publish. There is a lot of competition in this world and striving here needs a lot of courage, determination and patience. There will be thousands who will be looking up to you and following you, while there will be some more thousands throwing flak at you or trolling you. To be through it all yet not giving up is what it takes to be a social media influencer!

You all can remember the day you started with a vision of your own and a passion to leave no stones unturned to fulfil your dream. Surely your life has been through a roller coaster ride where sometimes you received loads of appraisals from your fans and at the other times the unlike were more than the likes. Your subscribers’ count might have swooned up at one point and at some phase, you got stagnant with it. There is no magic to changing things overnight, but definitely, there are tricks by following which you can still remain grounded and level up from there.

The first thing which you should do as an influencer is, interact with your fans. They have made you what you are today. So, make sure you reply to their comments be it negative or positive and maintain the one on one relationship with them. Secondly, organise giveaways on your YouTube channel where your followers can participate in the contest along with their friends. In this way, you will become more famous among people and you will be closer to your goal.

The third thing which you should religiously follow is not staying restricted to one social media platform only. When you upload your content on YouTube, make sure you attach in the description box all your other social media handles where your followers can connect with you. The wider you grow, the broader your horizon spreads. YouTube is surely a great platform, to begin with where there is no limitation of video time limit and is accessible by people from various parts of the world. But recently, Facebook has surpassed YouTube to become the largest platform with billions of active users which is almost twice the number of YouTube.

So, it is essential to share your video on Facebook to gain more popularity and recognition. You can use the online YouTube to Facebook converter tool to share your video on Facebook without uploading them separately on two platforms. This online tool will convert your video as per Facebook’s regulations and when people click on it to view; they will be redirected to watch it on your YouTube channel. In this way, you will gain more organic views.

Lastly, remember that YouTube’s thumbnail doesn’t work on Facebook. Create large YouTube thumbnail for Facebook with a better pixel for clarity. As you convert the YouTube thumbnail for Facebook, a play button will be attached on it for easy viewing. The thumbnails on Facebook are bigger and brighter so make sure you upload an eye-catching thumbnail image which is true to the content!

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