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James Feldkamp Explains The Services That MingJian Offers

By on May 13, 2019

These days, it has become very difficult for consumers to find out which products are reliable, safe, values for money and quality. MingJian is an independent organization which is devoted to making consumers make better purchasing decisions by offering independent, professional consumer product lab evaluations to assist consumers to understand the truth.

James Feldkamp: The CEO and Co-founder of MingJian

MingJian uses unique tests to evaluate products and all the products are sent abroad, and to the top scientific laboratories in the United States and Europe to get them reviewed. The evaluation process at MingJian is strictly managed to make sure that each product in each category gets the same rating, so product ratings for the same category can be used for parallel comparison. Each year, the company evaluates thousands of different categories of products such as cosmetics to child car seats and from speakers to smartphones.

This is why, James Feldkamp, co-founder, and chief executive officer of MingJian says that MingJian is dedicated to assisting consumers to make best purchasing decisions through autonomous, expert, neutral research and testing of products and services. Born and raised in the United States Mr. Feldkamp grew up with Consumer Reports and the helpful contribution to American consumers of independent expert advice on products and services. James and his wife agreed that customers in China deserved such a service, and they together started MingJian.

Just like Consumer Reports, MingJian acts completely in the interest of the consumers and independent of manufacturers, and do not acknowledge advertisements. Usually, the products are bought at authorized retailers by mystery shoppers and are subjected to precise scientific testing in laboratories. The company at first started testing baby products and gradually they expanded coverage to incorporate personal care and electronics products as well. The company not only identifies the best products and value but also informs consumers about hazardous or poor performing products they should stay away from.

Till date, MingJian has tested more than thousands of products across dozens of product categories. To ensure that they provide consumers in China with the top level of testing available internationally, MingJian has partnered with the world’s leading consumer organizations to carry out joint comparative testing. MingJian is the only independent international organization for consumer research and testing and is a member of International Consumer Research and Testing (ICRT). MingJian is headquartered in Shanghai and has been offering such services since the year 2010. The products that the company reviews are purchased by anonymous buyers, such as regular consumers, in a sales store, instead of a sample of products acquired from the manufacturer.

James Feldkamp apart from being the Co‐Founder and Testing Director of MingJian, the first independent provider of expert comparative product testing for Chinese consumers also holds an MBA with honors from INSEAD and two Bachelor degrees. He has graduated in Magna Cum Laude in Entrepreneurial Management from the University of Pennsylvania with a BSE. He also studied in Wharton School and BAS in Transportation Engineering from the Engineering School.

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