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John Kang Liquidmetal – An Insight Into 3 Alloys Used for Manufacturing Liquidmetal

By on May 23, 2019

Liquidmetal is widely sought after in the market in the present times as it is used in several manufacturing processes. It improves the functionality of consumer products in the market and is often referred to as metallic glass. This amorphous metal is composed of several alloys, and Apple has shown a keen interest in buying patents of Liquidmetal technologies.

John Kang Liquidmetal- How is Liquidmetal manufactured?

John Kang is a businessman in the medical industry, and he is a specialist in the field of Liquidmetal. He says that Liquidmetal is made with the help of many alloys that are taken and mixed together. These alloys can either be a solid solution of many metal elements or single phase. John Kang Liquidmetal says the process of Liquidmetal is so popular that there are thousands of mixtures that are being manufactured and produced in the tech and industrial market today.

What are the common types of alloys used in the production of Liquidmetal?

The following are the common alloys that are used in the manufacture and production of Liquidmetal-

  1. Aluminum- Aluminum is one of the strongest metals used in the production of Liquidmetal. It is one of the most widely preferred alloys that are used in projects that have heavy duty needs. You will find the presence of this metal in vehicles and engines. There are industries like furniture, home, aerospace, and more that extensively use aluminum for manufacturing items in the market.
  2. Stainless Steel- Stainless steel is a very general alloy used in the manufacture of daily items. Due to its simple composition and nature, you will find its existence in manufacturing, tubing, agricultural, culinary, and electronic items. You will be surprised to know that stainless steel has also be incorporated in several road projects for their unique properties, the John Kang WebMD team adds.
  3. Nickel- Nickel is extensively common metal used in modern society for its strong resistance for corrosion. It is deployed in many industries and is a very popular choice in projects that deal with petrochemicals and nuclear power.

Liquidmetal is generally manufactured with the help of the above 3 alloys, and this is why it is durable and has better resistance to corrosion.

The John Kang Liquidmetal team of experts say that the mixed finish of Liquidmetal gives items many appealing color schemes. This helps to improve the functions of the amorphous coatings of the items that are manufactured in the market. Liquidmetal is also used in the manufacture of surgical and dental products. Liquidmetal is very flexible and can be cut into precision. In the future, there is great anticipation that Liquidmetal will gradually replace plastic in many forms. It is a common form of thermal paste too used in laptops for improved transfer of heat. Those techies that have used thermal paste in laptops as a cooling agent has said that the performance of their devices has improved drastically after application.  It is a popular cooling agent in the technology world. Apple has been using Liquidmetal for replacing traditional plastic and other materials in the products that it manufactures.

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