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Joseph Cianciotto From New York Explains The Value of Digital Media

By on May 6, 2019
Value of Digital Media

In today’s time, communication is often considered as the most important thing in both professional as well as personal sectors. Communication means meeting new people and finding the information one requires in the least time possible. Hence, it allows people to stay well-informed about a number of things. Of late digital media has been able to alter the concept of advertising, marketing, and the way information is recovered and showcased.

Joseph Cianciotto from New York explains the job of digital media & communication

Mr. Cianciotto is the Chief Digital Officer of DDB NY and an Executive Creative Director of Translation LLC. He has several decades of experience in the field of digital media. Joseph says that the combination of the internet together with digital media has formed a whole new concept.

Joseph Cianciotto from New York has lately served as executive creative director at Translation, where he oversees all content related things in the agency. He has been associated as the creative director and vice president of interactive at D’Arcy Worldwide. Mr. Cianciotto has also served a number of leading Fortune 500 brands and has been able to receive almost all important awards in the advertisement industry throughout his career.

Joe explains that the quick growth and reputation of digital media is going very much against the conventional methods of marketing and advertising. Besides this, digital news media is very stretchy, influential, expedient to access, and affordably priced. The numerous benefits of online media are attracting both the businesses and clienteles. It is not bizarre to find out that quite a few well-known companies are turning towards digital media for making their veracity known to customers across the world. The job of conventional media is vanishing quite speedily while on the other hand, the digital media is becoming well-liked. Mr. Cianciotto says that the digital media marketing will be more supportive and fruitful if sensibly and carefully planned and presented to the customers. The utilization of impressive or animated text, audio visual displays, and graphics certainly do a great job to magnetize and support prospective customers.

As per a recent survey it has been found that each year a large number of businesses are quitting conventional advertising techniques and paying attention to SEO or Social Media, Google Adwords spending huge money on these resources. This has resulted in the popularity of the digital media. This digital media tool allows the business owners to keep a close tab on the products and services of the competitors and their marketing strategies so that they can learn something from them and enhance their own business strategy.

As far as the education of Mr. Cianciotto is concerned, he has obtained the degree from Carnegie Mellon in Visual Communications. At present, Joseph Cianciotto, NY has been residing in Long Island, New York with his daughters Hannah and Sophie and wife Jen. Besides having proficiency in digital media, he has incredible skills in creative strategy, digital strategy, interactive marketing, brand development, advertising, social media marketing and interactive advertising, etc.

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