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Title: Buying a Luxury Car – 4 Drool-Worthy Options You Should Consider

By on April 5, 2018
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You’ve dreamt about them. You’ve gasped at their site! You’ve stared really hard at mall displays. You’ve also treasured all those pictures cut out from popular car magazines. And each year, you make resolutions – “One day, I’ll own it!” Why not? Having aspirations isn’t bad. In fact, all of us must aspire to make it big in life. Buying a luxury New Car is certainly a part of it.

Unfortunately, only a few are able to make it big or achieve their dreams. In reality, buying a luxury car isn’t easy, especially if you wish to buy it crisp and new from a showroom!

Do you think so? Well with a lot of finance options available these days, owning one is quite possible. All you need to do is be a little judicious about the whole matter and you can buy a well-maintained used luxury vehicle without breaking your bank! Get a detailed research online and seek the help of a trusted financer. Also, check your loan eligibility. Another good idea is to calculate your EMI prior to applying for a loan.

Listed below are 4 drool-worthy dream car options, used variants of which you can certainly consider:

1. Mercedes Benz C-Class

If it is about luxury, it has to be a Merc! The mere mention of this brand makes one drool. Apart from its jaw-dropping grace, a Mercedes promises 100% safety, brilliant performance, and advanced technical features. All of these features according to experts and the latest car Samachar online are years ahead of other car brands. If you can spend around 2011 version of Mercedes-Benz C-Class, it will be available at INR 17 Lacs. A Mercedes promising brilliant performance at that price is surely a steal deal. All you require doing is look for these deals online. For finance help, you may look for a reliable New Car financer dealing in used car loans and instant finances. It will also help to speak to a financier who specifically deals in luxury car finance.

2. Porsche Cayenne

Ever considered owning a Porsche Cayenne? Well, people who have one don’t simply own it. They cruise along in it displaying immense pride. Undoubtedly, a Porsche is, in essence, for a man of fine palates. Research around for some of the best models under this brand and you would certainly get one at a better price.

The 2006 model of a Porsche Cayenne can be easily purchased in India for around INR 28 Lacs. This is certainly a very reasonable price. In case, you don’t wish to pay all of it at once, simply get in touch with a reputed and reliable used car finance provider. They will offer you flexible repayment tenures. Additionally, you can also look forward to fixing EMI (equated monthly installment) as per your repayment capability. You just need to reach out to a used car credit provider who is reputed and offers a wide range of flexible-credit options.

3. Jaguar XF

Definitely, there’s absolutely no other luxury sedan like the much sought after Jaguar XF. So if you are looking forward to buying your first every luxury car, consider this option seriously. Additionally, theNew Car is capable of enduring the most dreaded road conditions with flawless ease. No wonder this XF is both dynamic and charming. As per a research report, it is revealed that one can own a Jaguar XF diesel (2011 model) for INR 26 Lacs. That’s quite a decent price for such a wonderful vehicle. Additionally, having a reputed and genuine used car finance provider by your side will help you do so. Simply consider buying ‘The Jag’. This is certainly an amazing choice for you.

4. The BMW 3 Series

This is one of the first mentions people have when they think of a luxury car. The BMW is specifically designed to attract the attention of car aficionados. And, why not? Each square inch of this spellbinding German beauty spells extravagance. If you wish to buy one at an affordable price, consider investing in a 2012 BMW 3 Series model. This is available in India for around INR 18 Lacs. So there’s absolutely no reason you should avoid buying one. Arranging money isn’t a problem with finance options easily available these days.

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