Mechanical Shear Head Connectors

What makes the best in shear head lugs and connector?

Safety of electrical equipment and applications are so important since even a small short circuit can result in severe issues. There are several products used to manage the excess voltage spikes. Shear head lugs and connectors are important in the same to assure protection for wide range of conducting applications from voltage hikes and other related issues. They are used in almost all of the small to large applications where safety is the matter of concern. Here are some of the important tips to select the best among several brands.


Quality is determined by the material used in making the lugs. Reputed brands in Mechanical Shear Head Lugs are made using high-quality materials. The body of the lugs is made of high strength aluminium or with copper alloy white. Copper, brass or aluminium is used to make the bolts. Reputed companies make use of most modern tools and manufacturing technologies to assure extra level strength and perfection for the lugs.

Perfect alternative to crimping

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Crimping takes too much time and is a complex effort when compared with the present applications of lugs. These products are manufactured in accordance with international standards and are used as the best alternative to crimping process. These are used with almost all types of conductors and materials. There is no need to make use of any torque equipment since the head will shear itself with appropriate torque moments.

Easy to install

These products make the installation process so easy. The intended work can be easily finished with utmost perfection and efficiency to assure flawless function for a long period of time. It assures maximum support and provides fine electrical contact. Since there are several lugs manufacturers in the country, it is a good idea to make a good research to find the best one.


Have a look at the experience of the manufacturing company. The company with incredible experience can maintain consistency in quality. Experience also help them a lot in providing lugs with excellent features that make everything in installation so easy with better performance.

Product as per specification

Make sure that the manufacturer has the capability to provide the lugs and connectors as per your specifications and requirements. Since the products are used with the electrical applications, you need to get the lugs in the right quality and as per specifications to get intended efficiency and perfection. Reputed companies with sophisticated manufacturing units take pleasure in supplying the orders with maximum quality within the time frame.

Full range of products

The company should provide you with the complete range of low voltage and medium voltage cable management products to meet the varied needs of the applications. You can get the lugs along with high-quality Mechanical Shear Head Connectors to put an extra edge on the cable joints and connections.

Reputed companies make use of the most efficient technologies to provide you with more safe, consistent and enduring products. All of the reputed brands have their online stores to assure fantastic shopping experience. Now make an effective comparison of leading brands in lugs and connectors to get the quality products at economical rates.

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