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While thorough preparation lies at the heart of a good live stream, many a time overlooking of little things causes catastrophic damages. There has been plenty of talk on how to make the live stream look better, professional and how to attract your audience or how to keep them glued to your video etc. But there are some mistakes that are very common among live streamers and that are to be avoided at any cost. These mistakes while are caused by minor overlooking can be avoided if necessary precautions are taken. Check out the most common mistakes that are to be avoided while live streaming.

Promotion of the Event

Event promotion must be started at an earlier stage. Plenty of live streamers create an event just days before the event and promote rigorously. This might attract the audience in your user base, but it doesn’t work beyond. Starting the promotion at an earlier stage on all the platforms of social media. Creating images, teaser videos, trailers and updating the progress often is the key to reach a larger audience. So, Avoid last-minute promotions at all costs.

Pay Attention to Audio Quality

Ignoring audio quality is the most common mistake of live streamers who stream for the first time. The poor reception of microphones leads to a noisy video which drives the users away. A high-quality video necessitates a proportional quality audio. Invest in some good microphones which are specifically designed for the purpose. A live stream which comprises of a decent amount of speech requires Lapel mics. Songs require another type. An outdoor shoot demands some other kind. Checking your audio quality along with the video quality is one of the key steps to cannot be ignored at any cost.

Confirmation of the available Bandwidth

Live streams from an organization run on a shared bandwidth of the entire company. Simultaneous usage of the available bandwidth for office purposes and a live stream affects the quality of your video. Confirm the available bandwidth with the IT team as well as the platform provider. Don’t be afraid to ask for a trial run before you run the actual live stream. Make sure to have more than adequate upload speed for both audio and video.

Chat Moderators

Skipping the chat moderators might cost you dearly. If your video involves viewer interaction like Q & A through chat, it is imperative that the chat should be governed. A chat moderator is always helpful to surf through the questions and pass them on the questions to the speaker. This also proves to be helpful when the viewers complain about the quality of the audio or the video.

The attention to details like these is what makes a successful event broadcast. So next time when you plan live streaming your events, make sure you get all the above-mentioned things right.

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