Momo: The Junk Food India Swears By

Momos can be attributed to the little dumplings made of mainly flour and bread and can be filled with any vegetarian or non-vegetarian filling of your choice. All momos have their origin in the Tibetan cuisine; they are the popular source of food in the Northern states of India and Nepal. This food has taken its own form with various modifications in India; the original Tibetan variety is still maintained in some parts of Nepal. 

Some Well-Known Facts about Momos

Countries like Nepal, Tibet and a few northern and North Eastern states of India like Assam, Sikkim and Darjeeling are called aboriginal to the momos. Momos are known to be the South Asian dumplings adopted worldwide later. There was not much variation in its types when it was first adopted. Steam momo was the first dumpling cooked. Few other types included the fried momo, kothey or pan fried momo, open momo and c-momo originally. C-momo is actually a kind of steamed momo served in a hot and spicy sauce. The dumplings were basically made of dough prepared with white flour and water, with cheese, meat or even vegetable filling. According to popular belief, momos were prevalent among the Newar merchant community in Nepal; it is they who brought the preparation techniques in India and modified their seasonings. Even today Momo serves as a wholesome food for travelers and tourists there. Momo is a part of the classic tradition and considered as the most popular fast food in Tibet and Nepal. 

Some of the Classic Fillings Used in Momo

§  As Momo had originated in a place where buffalo meat was most commonly available, minced buffalo meat or yak meat were mostly used. However, this tradition has undergone several modifications over the years, and today the fillings contain virtually any mixture of simply vegetables or even cheese, paneer, meat etc.

§  The inside of the momos is deliberately packed with onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and even coriander. Pureed tomatoes along with different flavours of sauces- soy sauce, chilli sauce, tamarind sauce etc. are also added by a few to impart extra flavour. Search for various momos recipe in hindi, to get to try some authentic flavours of the cuisine.

§  If you are a vegetarian, and want to taste the most delicious momo dish, steamed momos stuffed with different vegetables especially finely chopped potatoes, cabbages, and even flat beans cooked with deliberate amount of spices will make you remember the taste forever.

§  Vegetarian options also include cheese and paneer fillings. Chhurpi, common in eastern India as well as in Nepal is the traditional soft paneer variety found at the place.

§  Sweet momos include fillings made of khoa or kheer even. Milk solids along with chocolate or jaggery can also be an option for the delicious momo dessert.

Momos are served with a hot and steamy vegetable soup and a dipping sauce or some chutney. This chutney generally contains tomato puree as the base constituent.

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