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Some Mouth-watering Chicken Dishes

By on March 1, 2018
chilli chicken

Chicken is one of the prominent ingredients in most of the non-vegetarian households. Rarely any non-vegetarian is there, who does not like delicious chicken preparations.

From beginners to experts – everyone can make several dishes with chicken. Although several chicken dishes are available, however, some of them are really evergreen ones. Some of these chicken preparations are discussed below:

Garlic Chicken: You can make this amazing recipe in almost 20 minutes and it is one of the popular recipes among the people. You will get hot, flavourful, spicy, and absolutely scrumptious dish but without deep-frying the chicken. It makes a great accompaniment to plain rice, Fried rice, rasam, and Hakka noodles. You can also serve it with chilli garlic fried rice or chilli garlic noodles.

Chicken 65: You can easily make Chicken 65 recipe in your kitchen. It is a well-known South Indian chicken starter as well as a street food. This recipe has different variations in its preparation. You made this amazing recipe as either dry or gravy.

Chicken Cutlet: It is also known as chicken tikki or patties. It is an appropriate dish for special celebrations or parties. Within just 40 mins, you can make this delicious snack, starter or appetizer. They go well with even a cup of tea as an evening time snack.

Tandoori Chicken: It is among the world famous tandoori recipes that have originated from the Mughlai cuisine during the Mughal era. You can use this chicken tandoori preparation to grill boneless fillets or drumsticks for making kababs.

This scrumptious and mouth-watering chicken is prominently known as tandoori murgh or murgh tandoor. Murgh means chicken whereas tandoor is a clay oven, where you can grill the yogurt and spice marinated chicken or meat. A little bit variation to the original recipes can be performed by adding besan.

Chilli Chicken: You can follow a chilli chicken recipe and cook it to surprise your family. It is one of the most prominent Indo-Chinese style chicken starters or appetizers. It is a popular dish in Chinese restaurants throughout the globe. Several vegetarian alternates are prepared with mushroom, paneer, tofu, and potato.

The marination of boneless chicken (cubes or fillets) is performed in pepper, soya sauce, and chilli sauce. To get a healthier version of this recipe, you can grill or shallow fry the meat.

Chicken Fry: Making a finger-licking crisp fried chicken is very simple. You can serve this dish in any get-together and can expect lots of appreciations. In many ways, you can make this recipe but you can follow the simplest method that requires basic ingredients only. This recipe yields delicious chicken bites – juicy and soft from inside and crisp from outside.

Chicken Pasta: It is a basic spaghetti preparation made with chicken and fresh tomatoes. It is a quick-to-prepare meal and is appropriate for a busy day because it will not take much time. Veggies, grain, and protein all in one dish make it a wholesome and healthy dish without much hardwork.

You can search different food websites to know various other chicken recipes.

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