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Robot Home Helpers

By on December 22, 2018
palletizing robot

For a long time now, the idea of having a robot at home helping you with the day to day activities of your home has been something like a fantasy. Most of the places where almost everyone gets to see such kind of futuristic robots is in cartoons and movies, and this makes it almost an impractical thing to have in real life.

However, much as we are a little far off from flying cars, futuristic robots like the ones on TV have been invented by scientists, and what once seemed like a fantasy is now a reality thanks to domestic robots which have been manufactured with the technical abilities to do basic household activities that, even though they might be small and simple tasks, go a long way in helping make everything else much easier to get done.

Domestic robots

The creation of robots that can do household work is quite a big step for manufacturers because they are needed and quite useful to an average person. However, it might be a challenge to get some people to believe that domestic robots, that are available for any common person happen to exist. Most people would have to see it to believe it.

palletizing robot

People are already used to common basic robots that have existed for a while, like the palletizing robot. Needless to say, it is easier for people to understand and accept a robot that is basically a machine that does the same function over and over again. And sure, palletizing robots are still robots at the end of the day, but they do not really have any of the futuristic features that people would marvel at such as artificial intelligence.

Helping with basic chores

Nevertheless, domestic robots are actually in existence, even though they are yet to catch on. It would be a relief for some people to know that we are not at the terminator robot stage yet. Not even by a long shot. These domestic robots do the most basic of things with the help of artificial intelligence which helps them to be aware of their environment and the kind of tasks they need to complete at certain commands.

There are a number of different kinds of domestic robots that people can purchase. There are indoor robots which have been made with the abilities to perform indoor tasks exclusively. For instance, some of them can deal with cleaning the house, that is dusting off, polishing furniture, vacuuming, cleaning windows and so on. These robots are not very big in size, and this makes it easy for the owners to pick them up if need be. It also ensures that the robot does not require too much power in order to function. Therefore, the smaller it is the better.


palletizing robot

In addition, there are domestic indoor robots which are not really meant to do a cleaning, but they are meant to help owners with getting around and doing other specific tasks. They are most suitable for elderly people who need help with getting up, moving around, picking up things as well as remembering to take medication. They are also very suitable for people with disabilities because they are programmed for the sole purpose of helping people.

Useable by all

This is not to say that a normal average person cannot use them. They can be used by anyone for any number of functions. There is really no limit. In addition, there are domestic robots which are made for outdoor functions. This means that they are mainly involved with tasks like mowing the lawn.  

It is true that robot home helpers can be a little privacy, but the owner will definitely get their money’s worth when they purchase one of these useful machines. A domestic robot cannot be compared to any common vacuum cleaner. For one a robot is programmed with artificial intelligence which allows it to store data in its system, so unlike a machine that completely needs its owner in order to do anything at all, a robot can actually have some independence.

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