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Places You Must Visit In Bangalore

By on June 6, 2018
places you must visit in bangalore

Many times you feel like having a break, right? What do you do for that? Do you visit people, do you sleep, or simply go to another city for some freshness? Well, there are people who love to visit their loved ones in the times of over stress.  Whether it is about visiting someone within city or someone in another city; it is always up to you.

Now, if you live in Delhi and want to go to Banglore; you can easily check out Delhi Bangalore Flights Schedule and get your tickets booked. There is no need to panic about anything. You can simply reach your destination in two hours, and you are good to experience a short yet fulfilling time.  Of course, if you want to do ‘city walks’, you can do that too. There are tourist attractions in this city that would drench your senses into excitement and joviality.

Tipu Sultan Fort

Snuggled in the most crammed market area, Tipu Sultan Fort showcases the artistic talent that stayed in the past. It was initially constructed by Kempegowda in 1537 by making use of mud bricks. It was modified and protracted by Haider Ali, who made use of granite stones in the procedure.  It was Tipu Sultan who finished it during 1791 and it worked as his summer retreat.  It is a two-storied structure that has pillars, beautifully carved arches and balconies.  It showcases Islamic style and you can easily find a temple of Ganesha, which puts light on the religious tolerance showed by the ruler. If you love to step into the historical facts then you must visit the art gallery in this fort. The gallery houses historical paintings, pictures and carvings.  You just have to spend fifteen rupees to enter this fort and for foreigners the fees is 200 rupees.

Bangalore Palace

This beautiful palace was built by Chamaraja Wodeyar in year 1884, and he had his inspiration from Windsor Castle of England. Situated at city’s centre, the Tudor style formation has Gothic windows, beautiful woodcarvings and towers that stand proof of the gorgeous architecture during the time. The 430-acre land that grips the palace possesses stunning gardens. The palace is now used to hold exhibitions and concerts. You might have to spend 230 INR if you are an Indian, and if you are a foreigner, then you will spend 460 INR.  If you carry still camera, then you might have to give Rs.685 extra. Well, whatever is the case, the place is absolutely stunning and elegant and you would have a rich experience. Once you are there in the palace, you can do variety of things and experience so much to cherish.  You can go for a Palace tour, visit the Amusement Park, and even witness the ground events such as book festival, concerts, and so on.

Thus, whatever you have in mind, keep it aside and book your tickets for Banglore. The city promises a great experience to everybody. The spots would leave you filled with memories to be cherished for years to come.

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