Social Media Specialist

Social Media has now become an important part of the marketing strategies plan. An equal importance is given to social media marketing along with the other marketing tools. The role of the social media specialist is to communicate and interact with the stakeholders of the companies especially customers on a daily basis. The idea is to communicate the brand and the objective of the business via social media.

Social media helps in brand awareness and also to increase the profitability and sales in the long run. To manage all the social media accounts and to communicate with the customers and the potential customers, a social media specialist needs to have all the knowledge, tips and tricks in social media marketing.

As a recruiter how do you know you are hiring the right employee without testing their social media skills? The recruiters won’t be able to analyse the skills by just conducting a round of an interview. The recruiter should conduct a social media skills assessment before interviewing the candidates. In this test, the recruiters can analyse the skills and can screen the candidates for the interview.

The skills required for a social media specialist:

There are a lot of skills that are required for the social media specialist. They are as follows:

1.    The specialist needs to have a good knowledge and understanding of the entire social media platform and their main businesses.

2.    The specialist needs to know all the scientific terms used in social media and online marketing.

3.    The specialist needs to know the long form of all the social media concepts and acronyms.

4.    The specialist needs to know how to create ads on different social media platforms and how to create the perfect ad to target the right audience.

5.    The specialist needs to know in and out about online marketing, tools, and policies.

6.    They should have knowledge on video advertising and how to go about it. They should know all the rules and regulations of video advertising on social media platforms.

7.    They should know the rules and regulations of LinkedIn.

8.    The specialist needs to know the advertising policies of LinkedIn.

9.    The specialist needs to know the shortcuts and abbreviations of words.

10.  The specialist should know everything about the analytics of the social media performance and analyse the market analytics based on the performance of the social media ads.

These are few of the skills that a social media specialist requires. The recruiter can analyse these skills with the help of the social media skills assessment. The assessment can also be customized based on the business or the organization. This will give the recruiter a better idea of the candidate’s skill set.

Once the assessment is conducted, only the candidates who clear the assessment can move on to the next round. In the interview round, the candidates can ask questions based on their past experience and the projects that they have worked on. In the interview round, the recruiter can know more about the personality of the candidates instead of testing the social media skills.


The assessment helps the recruiters to hire the right candidates. The social media skills assessment will save a lot of time and money for the organization by not interviewing all the candidates. The assessment will help to screen the candidates.

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