Prevent Eye Strain from Digital Devices

In the age where escaping computers and digital devices is impossible, eye strains and other vision related issues are common. There’re times when the only solution is undergoing Lasik in Dubai for long-term vision improvement but, a few prevention tips and tricks may keep you from the usual eye strains.


You’re likely to use screen for almost everything from work to relaxation or simply keeping up with the daily life. Your eyes would eventually feel dry and tired as well as blurred vision whereas at the end of the day, different parts of your body would ache. The blame isn’t only on the digital devices but how one use them also matters.

Why screens cause strain in the eyes?

A normal human eye blinks mostly 15-times per minute which spread the tears evenly around the eyes thus preventing them from dryness and irritation. Researchers found that blinking significantly reduces when a person is engaged in certain activities such as reading, watching or playing on a screen which is a common reason for strain in the eyes.

Also, textual contrast against the background, glare and flicker from the digital devices may prove hard on the eyes. In extreme cases, one may be prescribed with Lasik in Dubai being the only solution to correct vision.

Prevent digital eyestrain

You needn’t cut out screen use absolutely but a few changes on how you actually use these devices would surely bring an optimistic change. Here’re a few ways to prevent digital eyestrain;

  • Be sure the computer screen is kept at a distance of 25-inches or least at an arm’s length from the face.
  • Centre of the screen must be 10-15 degrees below the eye level.
  • Use matte screen filter to reduce glare and you’ll surely find these for all types of smartphones, computers and tablets.
  • Follow the rule of 20 which is looking at an object after every 20 minutes which is kept at least 20 feet away and keep looking at it for almost 20 seconds.
  • Take a longer break of more or less 15 minutes after every two hours you spent on the digital devices.
  • Use artificial tears (only under doctor’s recommendation) to refresh the eyes when they feel dry or itchy.
  • Try installing a humidifier in the room where you’re accustomed to use computer or other related devices.
  • Make sure lighting in the room is brighter than the device screen.
  • If someone wear contact lenses, swap them for glasses while working

Be consistent with the eye examinations for you maybe in need of Lasik in Dubai. It’s all about timely treatment before vision is affected badly!

Adjusting the devices

Be sure the devices are set for eye health through a few tips and tricks as outlined below;

  • Increase contrast on the screen.
  • Work with larger text fonts.
  • Modify brightness of the screen per the surrounding in a way that it doesn’t sting in the eye.
  • Reduce colour temperature of the screen by lowering blue light which is often associated to increased eyestrain.


There’re times when having the Lasik in Dubai is the best solution for appropriate vision and safety of the eyes.

This article is provided by Moorfields Hospital in UAE.

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