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Quick Troubleshooting Guide to resolve Quickbooks error code 6129-0

By on September 3, 2019
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QuickBooks Error code 6129, 0 indicates that the computer system in which use QuickBooks software installed is restricting to create company records or files and while the user tries to model a new company file it crops that QuickBook error code 6129-0 failure of database connection verification or QuickBook tried to access company files. so QuickBook software is a most important part of business life .if you’re on a network then the foremost possible cause could be a network downside wherever it can’t realize the pc or server that hold the file .if you are using QuickBooks software for the company’s payroll and accounting management, then you must have come across QuickBooks Error 6129.

There are so many issues and errors in QuickBooks software and the error code 6129 is one of them.

Condition of QuickBook Error code 6129-0

One/more than the following could be conditioning the error

  • The network data file (.nd) is damaged
  • Another party antivirus
  • The server and client computers aren’t on the same domain

QuickBooks Error code 6129-0 information

Error name:  QuickBook Pro Error code 6129-0

Error Number:6129-0

Developer: intuit inc

software: Quick book

Error Description: Error 6129-0 QuickBooks pro has encountered a problem needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvenience

Apples to: Window XP, Vista.7,8

Why this error occurs?

There are many types of reasons in this create  problems

  • If the antivirus is running on your system when you create a new file
  • If there are corrupted data network files
  • When the domain of the client machine and the server do not match

How to resolve the QuickBooks Error code problem?

You can resolve the problem we are unable to open company records. If you are on a network the most likely cause is a network problem where it can’t find the computer or server that holds the file. There are 4-5 solutions which you can try out for the solution.

Solution 1

While  updating the company file

  • It is used for the step, don’t log in using your own administrator login details.

Solution 2

  • Click on leave when you are in Easy-step interview
  • If you see the message of Save the file, then click on yes
  • Make sure to add a unique name while saving the file

Solution 3

If you using the display safe mode of window then disable antivirus

  • Create another company
  • Keep the system normal mode in restart it
  • Please open the QuickBook software after that company file

Solution 4

Please, change the name QuickBook network Descriptor Files-

  • the hard drive hosting shared folder of QuickBooks company file
  • The Right-click on Network Descriptor files with the name of QuickBooks company file change
  • Please click the scan folder
  • Please Click the scan folder after that close when scanning is done
  • In case of no folder containing company file, then click Add Folder and Add it

There are few steps to solve QuickBooks Error 6129 O. But perform these steps accurately and in the orderly basis to get the result. Otherwise, you have to face some problems to resolve Quickbooks error code to you need the help of Quickbooks Support phone number +1877 715 0222 to call us and get all the information.

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