industrial furniture hardware

The trends in interior design are ever changing. More and more trends come in everyday and literally take our homes by storm. Well, if you are passionate about the interior of your home, then you probably already know about the recent fashion trend of industrial furniture hardware.

Industrial furniture is basically furniture pieces that were made with cues taken from industrial style products like the ones that are used in factories. They have a rustic look to them and great aesthetic appeal because of which they have become so popular in the recent years. If you are planning on buying a few for your home, then do make sure that the industrial furniture hardware that has been used to make it is of a good quality. Need some ideas as to what furniture pieces you might own? Well, here are a few:

  1. Industrial style sofas are a great option if you are aiming for an industrial style living room. Do make sure that the rest of the furniture in the door also matches the same style as the sofa. You can go for a sofa that is shaped like a cart with the front open. It is pretty simple and ingenious. This is one of the most trending designs of today.
  2. For a complete industrial style look, you need to make sure that your doors are industrial style as well. The most common ones are that of garage doors and factory sliding doors. They have a beautifully created rustic look with a wooden and seemingly rough finish which gives them such a nice appeal. You can head out to any furniture hardware store and get such doors custom made as well if you want. All you need to do is give them design and of course the measurements of the door space.
  3. Industrial style vintage small cabinets are also in. These can be kept in any corner of the room and used for various purposes. They come in larger sizes too, but it is best to go for the smaller ones since they look much better and generally gel well with rooms that are both small and large in size. These cabinets are often used as bar cabinets as well. Since these are closed these are mainly used for storing products.
  4. If you want to mix it up between aesthetically pleasing and extremely useful, then you can go for a medium sized industrial trolley cum cabinet. These are best kept in the kitchen since they can be used for both serving and storing purposes.
  5. An industrial style dining table with complementary set of chairs is a very nice option. However, these work best as a six seater table and not as good as four seaters. These also look pretty good as two seater ones. Such a table will definitely add a certain amount of oomph and glamour to your dining room.

Now that you have so many industrial furniture piece ideas, go ahead and make the perfect buy for your home!

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