3 Top Reasons for Losing the Tire Pressure | Test Area

It’s really important to keep your tires fully and properly inflated. When we say properly inflated, we refer to the correct air pressure where most of the people go wrong. Correct air tire pressure is truly an essential part of your vehicle’s upkeep. There are many car tires being offered in the market, no matter which one you pick but it’s still imperative to keep up with the inflation rules. Did you know that the tires with proper air pressure usually last longer as compared to the ones that are filled inappropriately wither over or under?

In fact, it puts a positive impact on your car’s performance like it’s will help improve your vehicle’s handling, reduce car accidents and also save gas. But since nothing lasts longer in this temporary world, the air in your car tires is no exception. There are many car tire deals available on the market. There are many reasons to why your car tires might start losing pressure. So let’s dive in;


Unarguably, this is one of the most common reasons for losing the tire pressure. Frankly, you can’t do anything at that very moment when a cute little needle penetrates and hurts the gigantic yet thick rubber structure of your car tire. When your car runs over the tiny sharp objects like screws, tacks, nails or even a piece of glass, your car tires are most likely to get punctured. Any item that’s jagged will surely cause a hole in the tire and tube as well. If the tire gets punctured, which it will most likely be, can noticeably decrease the pressure. In order to tackle this situation, you will need to first remove the sharp object and then patch the tire.


Your car tire pressure can also decrease due to permeation. It’s actually the process of air going through the minute openings that are mostly found in car tires. Don’t forget that the cold and hot temperatures also impact the tire pressure. In fact, the tire pressure decreases more when the weather is quite warm. However, the tire pressure decreases by 1 or 2 lbs in the cold weather. When the weather is warm, tire pressure is most likely to decline even more. Stats has also mentioned that that for every 10-degree change in the temperature affect the tire pressure by 1 lb. per sq. inch.


Don’t say no, please. Many car owners go wrong in this step. While filling the air in your tires, it’s really important to keep up with the proper air pressure. But many car owners, while getting the air filled in their car tires, don’t remember this thing and often get it overinflated. In order to have the smooth ride, it’s important to have your car tires filled with the recommended air pressure. In fact, it also gives proper handling and optimum fuel efficiency. If your car tires are overinflated, they will simply put the negative impact on your wheels. Ironically, the over-inflated tires won’t just give you the improper handling but also they may even cause the tires to explode so just beware. All above points help you to choose car tires, you can always look for car tires deals.

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