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Reasons for you to drink more and more water

By on February 28, 2019
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For a human body the most important nutrient appears to be water. If you opt other drinks over water it can lead to chronic dehydration. Strangely in spite of the importance of water for human body not much scientific research has gone down on this subject. The importance of water and how it has an impact on human health is still under study. Yes water is an important nutrient and you cannot underestimate the value of it.  It makes sense to have a water purifier for home considering the importance of it. Still there are ample reasons for you to drink water and let us get to the details of it

Water helps you to shed those extra kilos

All of us want to be in the best of shape. To achieve that the best course of action would be to increase your intake of water. In drinking water you reduce cravings of food along with the sensations of thirst. For example if you are having a craving for food you need to drink a glass of water and then wait for 15 minutes. This will reduce your craving and hence your calorie intake.

Water improves your physical along with mental performance

The first major sign of dehydration is fatigue. Even if you go on to lose 1 % of body weight by water it can have an impact on mental and physical performance. The reason being that everything that makes an  entry on to your body needs water.

If you are into exercise you will lose more water than a normal human being. The breath rate will increase and you would lose water via a medium of sweat. You need to ensure that you are properly hydrated to ensure that your body is at a much better mental space.

Water enables you to detoxify your body

Numerous toxins come in contact with your body on a daily basis. The job of your kidney would be to filter out the blood and eradicate toxic wastes. Kidney is dependent upon the fluid that is present in your body and even if you go on to loose fluid the body is going to function in an optimum manner. Just give your kidney adequate water and they would remove all toxins from your body. If you are dehydrated it means that kidneys have to work overtime to accommodate toxins in shades of urine. This would lead to yellow or dark shades of urine. This would remove all toxins from your body and you will feel great

Drinking water will make you a lot happier

More the intake of water the happier you are going to be. If the body runs on supply of water energy levels will increase and you might be in a better mood. As per study reports among 120 students it was found out that students who drank more water had less tension and anxiety in comparison to those who did not drink water.

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