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What Are The Requirements For General Skilled Migration Program Australia?

By on March 28, 2018
Migration Program Australia

You might have seen many people going from one place to another in order to get some sort of work, haven’t you? Nations might find people of other country useful and also much desirable to their countries economy. Hence Australia also has several programs that enable people from other countries to go there on work visas and experiencing a new change in lifestyle. One such program is the general skilled migration Australia, which provides several people under work visas to visit Australia and work under certain criteria’s. But for this program, not everyone can be that approved as there are certain limitations and requirements that each one needs to have in order to get your visas approved. Hence let’s take a look at them in this article.

The general skilled migration program Australia system is an effective system of allowing people to migrate from their homelands into Australia for new working opportunities. There are different criteria’s and also points that are given out depending upon the test that is conducted by the Australian immigration embassy. A total of 60 points is to be achieved by an individual such that he/she can be considered for these visas. Once you do get this, there are certain documentation and other requirements that need to be produced whenever asked. Hence below you can learn about these documentations.

Australia general skilled migration program requirements.

There is number of documents and officials reports that needs to be produced while being considered for visas under this program. While the list isn’t that difficult of a task to achieve, the various criteria are given below.

  • Age limit – an individual who might be applying for a work visa in Australia should be over 50 years of age.
  • Language – the English language should be knowing sufficiently in order to pass the overall certification for this visa. This can also be determined by an online test that can show how much of English do you exactly know.
  • Qualifications – there should be a minimum qualification status met for the designated occupation that one might have applied.
  • Nominated occupation – this is nothing but the company that you work for should apply your visa for working abroad. Under the skilled occupation list, you should find the work that you wish to do in Australia.
  • Assessment of skills – under the skills list that you might have applied for, the government of Australia needs to be sure that you have the desired skillset. Hence you need to be assessed by them.
  • Assessment of health – a proof of a healthy medical report in need sot be produced to showcase that you are both mentally and physically fit and sound.
  • Assessment of character – a proof of no criminal background need not be shown proving that you are a person of good character.

Hence in general, these are the different types of documents and records that you ne to produce while having your visas for Australia under the general skilled migration program. So perform a proper search on other documents and do the needful.

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