Shower doors and their types

When you are styling your new bathroom or redesigning your old one you can always think of adding a glass shower door. This brings more depth and style to the area. Shower curtains have become a bit old fashioned these days and new styled doors have replaced them. One can check the frosted glass door company as they can help you with a lot of varieties of glass shower doors and give a new angle to your bathroom. Before you decide on shower doors for your bathroom you have to consider some important things.

Which Type of Glass Shower Door is Suitable for your Bathroom

This is a very relevant thing to think of when you are considering buying a glass shower door. There is number of styled doors that suit the space. But it completely depends on your choice and how you want the shower door to work. Check the shower space that you have and if you have a bathtub, inside then how it is laid. Check the maximum amount of weight that space can support. Keep in mind that the door you choose must make your shower space look large and spacious and not otherwise.

There are a few popular types of shower doors.

Framed Doors

There made from tempered glass or textured glass. They are mainly installed with a proper framing. They fit the budget but look very classy. Also, the frame that is used accentuates the space and makes it look attractive.

Semi-Frameless Doors

This is a perfect choice for those who are styling their bathroom and have a very tight budget at the same time. These doors mainly come with a metal framing on the entire enclosure apart from around the door.

Frameless Doors

They are again made from tempered glass and there is a thickness range, which varies. These doors as the name say do not have any frames to provide support to the external edges. They actually create a very sleek and modern look, which goes with the latest trends of bathroom designs like its flooring, fixtures and decors.

Neo Angle Doors

The best part about these doors is they can fit in a bathroom corner and can come either with a single frame or no frame. They mainly swing or pivot to open.

Pivot or Swinging Doors

They have hinges and this lets them swing and open. They open to the shower enclosure by 180 degrees to 360 degrees. If you have narrow space showers, then these are perfect for you.

Round Doors

These doors can efficiently enclose the shower corner in the bathroom and gives you separate place.

Sliding Doors

If you do not have enough space in the bathroom and cannot let the door swing open then go for slide doors. They are installed in pairs or track panels and they open in both directions.

But always try to buy frosted glass doors for your shower enclosures as they are perfect.

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