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Skin Disorders During the Course of Pregnancy

By on February 28, 2018
Skin Disorders During the Course of Pregnancy

It is obvious that your body is expected to undergo a lot of changes during pregnancy. For sure the hormones has a role to play as far as your skin evolves. It has to be said that most of the skin conditions are likely to fade away once the baby is born. Pregnancy skin disorders medication can provide a degree of relief and before we proceed one needs to understand the various types of skin disorders.

  • Hyperpigmentation- Here the skin tends to be darkened and it has to be said that the hormone melanin is responsible for it. When you are pregnant excess amount of this hormone are being released
  • Melasma- it could also fall into the bracket of hyperpigmentation. Brown or tan patches tend to appear and this tends to emerge in the face. This condition is all the more common in case of pregnant woman
  • Spider veins- it could be termed as purple veins that could reflect on your legs. In fact tiny red veins could emerge on your face once you become pregnant. The better news is that all of them do clear on their own once pregnancy is over
  • Stretch marks- Most women do experience stretch marks on their body parts during the course of pregnancy. It all depends on how quick you do put on weight as the stretch marks have a role to play here. Here the genetics may also have a role to play as well. Once the body is known to change during the course of pregnancy stretch marks also tend to appear.
  • Acnes- it is not limited to the teenage group, as many would be mothers become victims of acne as they never have been before.
  • Itching rashes or skin- if you develop a feeling of itchiness then it cannot be rated as something unusual. Pregnant women are known to develop scratch from the bottom of their feet to their pregnant belly. In case of some peculiar skin conditions during pregnancy it could also lead to rashes. Tiny bumps could emerge that might resemble an insect bit.

How to cope up with these skin conditions during pregnancy?

As discussed earlier most of the skin conditions are going to fade on its own once pregnancy is over. If they are not going to disappear and you do want to do something about it during pregnancy there are numerous treatments available as well. Do not opt for pain medication while pregnant till the expert opinion of your doctor is sorted out. He is the best person who can help you as certain side effects do emerge at this phase.

To conclude, with the glow of pregnancy you are likely to experience less welcome changes as well. While the hormones work over time to meet up the needs of the growing baby your skin may throw up some surprises. But the better news that tends to emerge is that all of them tend to disappear on their own once the pregnancy is done and dusted.

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